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    by Nathane Jackson on June 22, 2010 in Recipes // 11 COMMENTS


    Almond Flax Seed Burger

    Almond Flax Seed Burger

    Recipe courtesy of Brendan Brazier and his book The Thrive Diet.

    Brendan’s book is a great resource for anyone just starting out in their transition into plant based foods.  On top of the many recipes broken down into cereals, pizza’s, burgers, salads, dressings etc he incorporated an entire section on the breakdown of vitamins and minerals and what it all means.

    This Almond Flax Seed Burger may look small but trust me it is VERY filling!  I made these little guys for my dad on fathers day as it was his first raw vegan meal.  My dad is not one to sugar coat things and he said he enjoyed this meatless beauty.  Then again, his confirmation came after the raw vegan chocolate pudding!  MMMMMmmm!

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