FAT LOSS edition

In this program, you’ll discover how to lose body fat while simultaneously gaining strength and building muscle.

More is not better! You won’t have to follow extreme diets, nor spend countless hours in the gym. It will take effort and commitment to achieve the body and health you desire but it doesn’t have to consume your life.

You’ll also come away with more than just a nutrition and training program as I share my strategies to recovery faster and become mentally resilient.

J. Nicoll, Personal Trainer & Model

Nathane practices what he preaches. When you’re working hard, he’s working just as hard himself. When you don’t think you can lift one more pound, or walk one more step, or keep that smile on your face, he is there for you.

The Lazareth Program: Fat Loss edition includes;

  • A private member area.
  • An in-depth manual covering the essentials of proper nutrition and how to customize a strength & conditioning program to suit your unique physical needs.
  • 24-weeks worth of training routines for both in the gym and at home workouts. You can select from 2-day, 3-day or 4-day per week programs based on your schedule.
  • Access to my extensive video library consisting of over 250 videos (and counting) – including assessments, mobility drills, warm ups, exercises and stretches.
  • Strategies for enhancing recovery and mastering mindset
  • Lifetime access to the program.

This program costs less than a single personal training session.

$76.00 CAD


GOLF edition



Currently beta testing.

Estimated release date May 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I don’t know how to perform an exercise?

I supply instructional videos for all exercises prescribed.

Here is an example,

Q: What if I don’t have certain equipment?

All In-Person and Online coaching programs will be structured with the equipment you have available.

The Lazareth Program products may require equipment if not working out in a gym.
Such equipment as

  • Suspension trainer
  • A set of dumbbells (more as you get freakishly strong)
  • A bench or Stability ball
  • Resistance bands

Q: How long are your programs?

The In-Person and Online Coaching programs are 12 weeks in length. This is a decent amount of time for me to get the client started on a new lifestyle.  I need time to break old habits while implementing new habits systematically to ensure long-term success. I also write workout routines in four to six week blocks as any less time and we are at risk of not giving a routine it’s required time to take affect while any longer and we may start to create muscle imbalances.

The online products (Lazareth Program) are longer ranging from 12 to 24 weeks.

Q: When does my Online Coaching Program start?

The coaching programs start when you have full access to your program.  Once I receive the completed information package it usually takes me a few business days to create programs.

Q: Are you able to work with vegetarians or the paleo approach?

Yes, I am well educated in all aspects of nutrition.  However, I choose to implement a more holistic approach to nutrition and create programs specific to my clients needs.  I don’t buy into food tribes such as vegan, paleo, low carb, high fat etc, but rather create programs for the individual based on the individual for optimal health.

Q: Are you a Dietitian?

No, I am not a dietitian. I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN).

A registered dietitian (RD) completes a four-year degree program plus internship and then usually specialize in a specific area such as pediatric nutrition. A dietitian can ‘diagnose,’ ‘treat’ medical conditions, ‘prescribe’ supplements and offer close monitoring.  All of which I, as a nutritionist, can’t do and rightfully so.

Holistic Nutritionist
I can’t speak for all nutrition programs (non RD programs) but the education I received was a year long full time program. Our job is to educate clients what healthy nutrition is and to help create the necessary habits for long term health. We support health and performance while creating a foundation, which in a healthy world, would be all the majority of people would ever need.

The common misconception towards a dietitian is that they only focus on calories in and calories out.  While holistic nutritionists are often labelled as supplement pushers and detox wizards.  Both judgments couldn’t be further from the truth when referring to the top professionals in each practice.

This was a long answer but a very important topic for you to understand. Be very aware the next time you come across a blog or social media post touting a certain diet or nutritional practice to rid the world of it’s diabesity problem. Any legitimate nutritional professional will refrain from sharing such nonsense.

If interested in reading a more detailed description THIS is a great resource.

Q: Do you provide menu plans?

No, I do not. I don’t like meal plans as their adherence rates are poor and I am not legally able to provide them. Meal plans are only legally prescribed by a dietitian.  (see above for a detailed description of what the role is of a holistic nutrition compared to a dietitian)

Q: Will you help in choosing which supplements are right for me?

I can help in recommending supplements but it is absolutely necessary to get approval from your doctor before taking any supplement.

I am a firm believer of consuming as many nutrients as possible from proper nutritional practices.  However, with people who have been following a standard American diet (SAD) for most of their lives they may be nutrient deficient in many areas.  Deficiencies can also be present throughout certain seasons of the year, during periods of increased stress, extreme training or by following a certain diet philosophy.  Supplements may be recommended in all of these instances but again they are only to be taken after approval from your doctor.

Q: Can we meet in person?

Sorry, unless participating in In-Person services we will not be able to schedule meetings for the purpose of training.  I have a large client base from all over the world but I offer Skype calls, full e-mail support and access to closed Facebook support group in each of my online programs and products.

If you happen to be making a stop in my city and want to meet for coffee or to train together I very much welcome the opportunity to meet you.

Q: Can we communicate by phone?

Absolutely. I am here to help you.  Be prepared for some ground rules though as I still need to get work done.

Q: What is your refund policy?

With regards to In-Person services a refund will be issued for any unused sessions.

For online coaching programs, once you have submitted the required intake forms from the Intro Package there are no refunds unless I come across a circumstance in which I am unequipped to handle.

There are no refunds for Online products (Lazareth Programs) available at this time.