I have never been a fan of traditional yogurt but this dairy free version is AMAZING!  Similar to its dairy counterpart, it is versatile in that it can be used straight up as a meal, as part of a parfait, a dip for vegetables or throw it on almond or flax seed bread.  Those looking for more of an amino acid profile, try adding a 1/4 cup of  hemp seeds or a scoop of your favourite protein powder .


Coconut Yogurt and Sesame Crisps


1 Cup raw almonds (soaked for 24 hours, rinsed)
2-3 Cups young Thai coconut meat
Water from 2 coconuts, or more depending on desired texture
1-1½ tsp Organic Alcohol Free Vanilla extract or 1-2 seeded vanilla beans
1 probiotic, contents of the capsule only. (optional)

Remove the skin from the almonds if you want white coloured yogurt, otherwise leave the skins on and benefit from the increased fiber content as well as the flavonoids, to fight free radicals, the skins possess . Blend the almonds and coconut water well, then add the coconut meat and vanilla extract until desired texture is obtained. If including the probiotic add it near the end of blending and finish blending on medium.

*If using the probiotic I find it best to consume the yogurt within 24 hours, as the longer the yogurt sits the stronger the probiotic gets.  Many of you might be asking, “but Nate, isn’t a strong probiotic good?”  Yes, it is best to have a strong probiotic but I am talking about a totally different kind of strong.  Strong,  in that the flavour of the probiotic, which reminds me of what I think day old sweaty socks would taste like, strong.

Stay tuned for the Sesame Crisp recipe, coming soon.


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Nathane Jackson is a veteran health and wellness authority, specializing in holistic living.  He has a decade worth of knowledge as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach and is dedicated to improving all aspects of health starting at the cellular level by combining holistic nutrition, functional exercise, and restorative practices to help his clients strengthen their mind, body and spirit.


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