CONGRATULATIONS to a few of NATHANE JACKSON FITNESS fitness competitors.



Preparing for a fitness or bodybuilding competition is never easy, especially when you are doing it alone and your friends and family don’t understand what it takes to step on stage.  Competitions involve so much more than just a work ethic in the gym and the ability to stick with your nutrition plans.  Don’t get me wrong, training and eating is hard enough to maintain at times but for all of us who have ever competed you know what I mean when I say the stress of the process is sometimes the greatest battle to overcome.


Anyway, before I am guilty of rambling on, I just want to publicly congratulate and share with all of you some of my recent client competitor accomplishments.


Curnel Jones, 1st Place Fitness Model & 1st Place Muscle Model category, FAME


Jaylie Nicoll, 2nd Place Fitness Model category, FitnessStar London


Wash Candidio, 3rd Place Fitness Model category, WBFF
*Part of Team Wash


Chris Cecile, 1st Place Fitness Model category, FitnessStar Montreal


Sara Solomon, 1st Place Fitness Model category, FitnessStar Montreal
*Part of Team Sara


I want to thank the above mentioned athletes for all their hard work, dedication and their ability to fulfill what they set out to achieve.  You have all made me very proud as each of you had different obstacles to overcome in your preparation and no one can ever take your accomplishment away from you.


I look forward to a very successful 2010.


Train Mind, Body & Spirit

Nathane L. Jackson cscs & kbts

WBFF Pro & VEGA Ambassador


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