DSCN2194cOver the next few days every trainer, gym, magazine and TV advertisement will give you their tips on how to beat “Holiday” weight gain. Some tips will be very useful and some will be as good as me telling you to pay me $100.00 every time you fall off the wagon. In the past I have sent out my top ten tips to avoid gaining weight, I have held contests with clients to see who can maintain their weight or reward them with free sessions if they actually lose a pound or two. Sometimes I get the striver/do good-er who will impress me or the person who catches the flu and can’t hold anything down but the majority of people will fail miserably and bring the New Year in with some extra poundage.

This year, my advice is simple. One word actually, and that is; WORKOUT! I know the Holiday season is busy with the end of year responsibilities at work, shopping, dinner parties, change of season etc, but with all my latest blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook and other social network postings regarding High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and all its benefits in relation to fat loss, YOU have no excuse to not be able to find 30 minutes a day to get YOUR sweat on.

Before I hear the excuse that YOU have already come up with in YOUR mind and before it makes its way from YOUR brain to YOUR tongue let me just say “SAVE IT”. YOUR health trumps everything. I would still like you to eat less on the day of a dinner party, limit alcoholic beverages, eat before you arrive at functions and stay away from fried, high saturated fat and sugary foods.  However, nothing will benefit YOU more than just WORKING OUT.

30 minute HIIT workouts ideasDSCN2191c

  • BB, DB or Kettlebell Complexes
  • Sprints
  • Upright Bike, Treadmill, Elliptical, Stair Mill machines can all be used for interval training
  • Swimming
  • Jump Rope, Calisthenics & Plyometrics

All of the above are ways to incorporate High Intensity Interval Training into a punishing 30 minute workout.  Thirty minutes is all I ask from YOU.  Try it and tell me how you did after the Holiday season is over.  What do you have to lose?   After all, I did not spend the majority of this Blog instructing you to stay away from all the refined sugary treats, baked goods, buffet style food, alcohol etc instead I encouraged you to maintain your exercise routine or for some of you, get a head start on that New Years resolution.

If you are still reading then I applaud you for sticking with me this far.  Here are some HEART pounding and FAT blasting routines I have used in the past and will without a doubt be using in the next few weeks as the festivities heat up and my time for working out diminishes.


If you are not familiar on how to perform complexes, please see my Blog post COMPLEXES FOR EXTREME FAT LOSS by clicking on the link below.

Deadlift+High Pull+Clean+Front Squat+Squat & Press
or the example in the video below (after a brief Chest & Back Finisher)
Squat Clean & Press+Strict Military Press+Jump Squat+Reverse Lunge+Straight Leg Deadlift

Dumbbell or Kettlebell
Swing+Clean & Press (or Snatch if trained)+Overhead Squat+ High Pull+ Stiff Leg deadlift

For video instruction on how to complete any of these lifts please visit my YouTube page at


200m sprint + 60-90 second rest x 6 repetitions
3 minute rest
100m sprint + 45-60 sec rest x 6 repetitions
3 minute rest
50m sprint + 30-45 second rest x 6 repetitions

Check out this video by fello Fitness Professional and Abs Expert Max Wettstein in sunny Encinitas, California.

For more great videos and fitness information from this ground breaking Men’s Health model stop by his website at


With machines there are numerous combinations to choose from.  I do suggest keeping the short duration work intervals reserved for the Upright Bike or Elliptical as it is easy to start and stop/coast.

Upright Bike/Elliptical Tabata- 20 second sprint + 10 sec coast x 6-8 minutes

Any machine, Swimming or Jump Rope- 1:1 ratio such as 30 sec on + 30 sec off or 1 min on + 1 min coast

Any machine, Swimming or Jump Rope- 3:1 ratio such as 3 min on + 1 min coast


Combine exercises to create a circuit.  Complete 10-12 reps of each exercise in the circuit, rest for 45-90 seconds at the end of the circuit and perform as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes.

*() = Increased intensity

Squats (Jump Squats)+Push Ups (Clap Push ups or Spiderman Push Ups)+ Lunges (Jump Lunges)+Mountain Climbers + Jumping Jacks+ Burpees+ 30-60 sec Plank

*Adding 30 sec of Jump Rope or Kettlebell Swings to the circuit is also an option.  BE CREATIVE!

As you can see from all of the above mentioned examples, there are many vehicles of exercise to choose from.  In keeping the intensity high by limiting rest times you will maximize your fat loss and rev up your metabolism, take advantage of EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption which is described in my earlier blog post COMPLEXES FOR EXTREME FAT LOSS) and add variety to your workouts all while maximizing your time.

WORKOUT….that is all I ask!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone, see you in 2010!

Train Mind, Body & Spirit

Nathane L. Jackson cscs & kbts
WBFF Pro & VEGA Ambassador


For more information about Nathane Jackson Fitness; #1 Source for Online Fitness Coaching, please visit

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