How It Works

For starters, every individual is biochemically unique, and no matter how close two peoples’ goals are, how you achieve those goals will most likely take you down two different paths. Cookie cutter programs that are found in magazines and on dvd’s are not designed to be tailored to an individual’s specific need.  Some of these products have great philosophies and often mean well but without the focus on the individual they fail miserably on many levels.

In order to provide quality service and attain quality results everyone will start by filling out “client intake” forms.  Within these intake forms the client will be asked to complete a comprehensive health history and lifestyle assessment form and if the AMPLIFY YOUR LIFE program is purchased a fitness assessment and movement screen will need to be completed.  Starting photos will be submitted for all programs.

Once the client sends me back their “intake forms” I will use this information to create their own personalized strength & conditioning and restoration programs along with a customized nutrition program for the AMPLIFY YOUR LIFE program, or just the customized nutrition and lifestyle program for the NUTRITION ONLY program.  In both instances, I will require a 3-5 business days to complete all programs as creation may take extra research and possibly the need to film additional videos in order to offer such individualized programs.

I provide weekly workout and nutrition journals that are to be completed each week and sent back to me either Thursday evening or Friday before 12pm EST. The more detailed the client is and consistent with entering information the more I can help serve them better.  I will review journals on Fridays (or over the weekend if necessary) and provide any adjustments that need to be implemented for Monday morning.  Failure to send me journals by 12pm EST Friday evening results in no guarantee that I will be able to review them during the week due to a high volume of clientele.  It is recommended that “reminders” be set in calendars and phones to ensure full compliance.

The AMPLIFY YOUR LIFE program consists of two strength & conditioning routines.  The customized nutrition program for all programs will constantly evolve as the client progresses through their program.  For a complete list of everything each program offers please see the Programs section of this website.

At the halfway mark of programs, clients may be required to resubmit progress photos, measurements and other follow up forms.

I am available via e-mail as much as the client needs throughout the duration of their program. Questions that need to be answered immediately are encouraged at all times but less important questions are best asked with the submission of weekly journals.

The clients who have attained the best results usually keep in contact with me a few times per week through sending me questions, progress photo’s, letting me know of personal records achieved in the gym, comments they received from other people and submission of weekly journals.

At the end of the AMPLIFY YOUR LIFE program clients are required to complete a fitness re-assessment, movement screen and take final progress photos. There will also be a questionnaire at the completion of all programs.