*Today’s post is yesterdays news as I am a day ahead of my blog postings.  ie When Day 2 blog is released I am actually going through Day 3 and so on

Before I begin the Juice Feasting program from Joanne Gero, www.vibealive.ca, I must jot down my starting statistics so I can track how my body reacts to the Juice Feasting program.  As with my Training and Nutrition business, everything is about the numbers.

Body Weight: 207.4lbs
Body Fat (scale measurement): 9.9%BF

April 3rd 2010, Day 1

As you can see from the photo I am already rather lean despite what my body fat reading was from the scale measurement.  I am not worried about dropping weight during the next 10 days.  Losing body fat or weight in general is not the goal or purpose for taking part in the Juice Feast.  I can feel that my body is not digesting food properly and in turn has caused me to lose some muscle mass that I once carried.  That being said though, since transitioning to a Raw Vegan lifestyle I have cleared a lot of the mucus from my muscles which has left them looking quite flat and stringy.  Trust me, I know what I look like and if you have known me over the years you know that even though I am not a mass monster I was definitely bigger than I am today.

My main focus over the next ten days is to give my body a major reset, to cleanse and detox from within while re-energizing my cells and tissues.  The Juice Feast program is just the start of my body revolution as the period that follows will be just as important and that is where you will see the greatest change in my body on the outside.  I will be able to digest and use the nutrients I put into my body much more efficiently allowing me to increase mass, strength and performance.

DAY 10


Body Weight: 199.8lbs (first time in at least 10 years that I dropped below 200lbs)
Body Fat (scale measurement): 7.2%BF

First, I must apologize for the angle of this photo.  One would think since I am a professional model that I would work my lighting a bit better than what is shown here. Jeesh! Anyway, yesterday was a VERY busy day and to be honest I probably rushed through taking this photo.  In any case, I think you will be able to see a little difference in my physique but as I stated in my initial blog (Day 1) the real change in body aesthetics will start to take place now that I have completed the juice feasting program.  However, if I could only take a picture of my body internally, as that would tell the true story of how I have evolved in the past 10 days.

Morning routine as outlined in Day 1 entry consisting of sipping on 24 ounces of  fresh lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper and water while I write in my journal.

It wasn’t too long after I finished in my journal I was in “Warrior 1” pose on my yoga mat.  I look forward to what my new yoga journey has to offer and I am excited to open up more avenues of health and wellness in doing so. Namaste!

Next I juiced my breakfast and posted my “Monday’s RAWESOME Recipe” on Facebook (the recipe can also be found here on my blog  in the Vegan Recipes section).  Today’s recipe was Eggplant Pizza.  Since starting this Monday ritual along with “Nate’s Tuesday Video Fitness Tip” I have received so many comments and questions through the various social media sites, my blog and of course through my website and e-mail (http://www.nathanejackson.com) that at times I feel overwhelmed.  However,  I am also truly grateful that I can inspire and help educate so many people from all over the world through my “Online Coaching Programs” that otherwise I would not have been able to.   Thank you, to everyone who I work with world wide!

I then ran off to the gym in my condo to grab a  strength training workout using my 16kg Kettlebell for complexes.  I won’t post the routine today as there is so much that I need to get to without making this blog post a novel.  Let’s just say it was intense and I am back feeling 110%.

In fact, as I was working out, my wonderful fitness agent  Teresa Paonessa helped secure a photo ny online pharmacy no prescription shoot for me for next week with not only an amazing photographer but an amazing colleague and fitness model.  That is all I can say at this moment but in time I am sure you will all see the final product.

As mentioned yesterday I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Amy Verner from the Globe and Mail regarding my experience on the Juice Feast program.  Amy had mentioned a great service she found while visiting New York City that delivers fresh juices to your door and can service those on a feasting program as well.  This is really a neat idea and I can see how it would help many with their juicing needs.  However, there is an element of juicing your own fruits and vegetables that I found to be therapeutic, but that could just be me and my sensitivity.  Lol!  Thank you for the wonderful interview Amy, and I look forward to reading more of your health and fitness articles.

Jays Home Opener 2010

Shortly after I got off the phone with Amy, my friends arrived to go out to eat before we took in the Toronto Blue Jays home opener.  The group decided to go to East Side Mario’s for a pregame meal and drink.  I prepared a traveler cantaloupe juice and drank that as my friends ate dinner.  I can honestly say there was no real temptation to eat anything that was on the table or even in the menu for that matter.  Chopping up the cantaloupe and not eating chunks of it before juicing was tougher on me than anything.  The game was great, lots of scoring and errors by E.E. (Drives my friend crazy and I bet you can’t tell who he is from the photo?) and even a few extra innings but in the end the Chicago White Sox held on for the come from behind victory!

Tomorrow I start to introduce some solid goods again and within three days I can go back to my normal raw vegan nutrition plan.  Joanne takes all the guess work out of this and has given the whole Juice Feasting group ideas and recipes to incorporate fibre back in to our menu plan.  By weeks end I hope to be back on my routine as I am anxiously waiting to start the second phase of this body revolution of mine.  As I said earlier, I have received so much feedback from this ten day blog that I think I will have to continue with a weekly blog to update everyone on my progress.

In summary, the past ten days has been life changing.  Not only did I achieve what I set out to accomplish in detoxing and cleansing my body but so many other unexpected things occurred as well.  I am addicted to yoga (and the Zen Stretch movement) now, I am much more aware of my surroundings and in what I breathe, hear, see, touch and smell.  My creative juices are flowing again and this excites me because I have already opened some new doors in my acting career along with my modeling.  I know my intestines are clear of plaque (although I will still use my “Fun Bag” on occasion to make sure) and that my digestion will be firing on all cylinders.  My skin and hair are looking very healthy thanks to all the video tips Joanne supplements her program with.  I have met some amazing people who were also looking to revamp their life and I am sure a few of you reading have given this program a thought to try it yourself.


I wish I had some dazzling bits of info to end my Stool Corner with but I unfortunately do not.  I do go to the bathroom and #2 takes no longer than a few seconds and is very clean, in and out.  AMAZING!

Well, I guess for now this is goodbye.   A HUGE “Thank You” to everyone who joined me on my journey and followed along in my blogs, I am truly grateful and appreciative for your time.

Train Mind, Body & Spirit

Nathane L. Jackson cscs & kbts
WBFF Pro & VEGA Ambassador


Nathane Jackson conducts 1-on-1 and group training business in downtown Toronto, as well as offers a comprehensive International Online Coaching and Nutrition Program for general fitness and athletes, as well as special programs for golfers and physique competitors.

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3 thoughts on “JUICE FEASTING, Day 10

  1. Awesome, Nate!! You are glowing!Glad you are feeling so good.
    Yes…please keep posting! I would love to hear what’s next on your journey…..

    All the best!
    Cheryl :0)

    1. Thanks Cheryl,

      I will be posting some sort of “A month after the juice feasting” blog. However, I have not been able to go full force with putting on some mass as I have had some shoots come up that I could not turn down!

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