*Today’s post is yesterdays news as I am a day ahead of my blog postings.  ie When Day 2 blog is released I am actually going through Day 3 and so on

Before I begin the Juice Feasting program from Joanne Gero, www.vibealive.ca, I must jot down my starting statistics so I can track how my body reacts to the Juice Feasting program.  As with my Training and Nutrition business, everything is about the numbers.

Body Weight: 207.4lbs
Body Fat (scale measurement): 9.9%BF

April 3rd 2010, Day 1

As you can see from the photo I am already rather lean despite what my body fat reading was from the scale measurement.  I am not worried about dropping weight during the next 10 days.  Losing body fat or weight in general is not the goal or purpose for taking part in the Juice Feast.  I can feel that my body is not digesting food properly and in turn has caused me to lose some muscle mass that I once carried.  That being said though, since transitioning to a Raw Vegan lifestyle I have cleared a lot of the mucus from my muscles which has left them looking quite flat and stringy.  Trust me, I know what I look like and if you have known me over the years you know that even though I am not a mass monster I was definitely bigger than I am today.

My main focus over the next ten days is to give my body a major reset, to cleanse and detox from within while re-energizing my cells and tissues.  The Juice Feast program is just the start of my body revolution as the period that follows will be just as important and that is where you will see the greatest change in my body on the outside.  I will be able to digest and use the nutrients I put into my body much more efficiently allowing me to increase mass, strength and performance.


Morning routine as outlined in Day 1 entry consisting of sipping on 24 ounces of  fresh lemon juice and water while I write in my journal.

Work out- I was finally able to get back to strength training today and even though it was a struggle I felt great afterword.  I was not able to continue with the fat loss complexes I was doing before the juice feasting began but as you can see from the starting photo I think it was time to get off that phase anyway.  Too bad really, as I enjoy the challenge of complexes and the variety of equipment I use with them.  I will post a separate blog at some point detailing these workouts but for now here is what I did today.

Foam Rolled
Static Stretching
Movement Prep
Dynamic Stretching

*This routine is done every strength training and high intensity cardio day.  A proper warm up is the difference between a mediocre athlete and a great athlete….injury and consistency.

Barbell Power Clean to Front Squat to Push Press/Jerk,     5 working sets x 3 reps
Close Grip Chin Ups,                                                                            3 working sets x 6 reps
Dips,                                                                                                           3 working sets x 6 reps

Ended off with more Static stretching and went on my way to buy an Enema bag (aka, Fun Bag) and ph strips.  What, don’t you have the same post workout ritual?

I have devoted the next month or so to correcting my own movement dysfunctions which include crooked hips and shoulders.  I have been nursing a few minor injuries for the past year or so which should have been taken care of immediately but instead I chose being busy over spending the necessary time to invest in myself.  In any case, I scheduled myself a massage followed by a chiropractic appointment and both were out of this world.  My massage therapist loosened me up enough to finally be able to adjust my back properly.  My back has been quite tight over the last few months and it felt great to know I am back on the healing path.


I was finally able to go to the bathroom, YAY!!!  Very Dark, red’ish (hopefully from all the beet juice), smelly but smooth.  As happy as I was, it was the only bowel movement of the day!  That being said, tomorrow I have to do an enema with the Fun Bag.

4 days down, 6 to go!

Poop Line Up
Poopie Line Up (from left to right) The image above is from Paul Chek’s – How To Eat Move and Be Healthy

Sinker n’ Stinker – This guy is named as he behaves. He is like a smelly piece of black coal that sinks to the bottom of the bowl after an arduous attempt to squeeze him out with tremendous force. His appearance is due to an over exposure to toxins such as processed foods, environmental toxins and medical drugs.
The Swimmer –
This guy is light in color and floats. He is a pain to flush. His appearance is due to a high content of undigested fat.
Bodybuilder –
This dude is JACKED! He is typically big and round. He makes you strain to get him out of ya. If you pop a blood vessel in your eye ball when you poop, you’ve probably met this guy. His appearance is due to eating too many protein bars and shakes.
Pellet Man –
Looks like rabbit poop. His appearance is due to altered states between peristalsis and dehydration.
Diarrhea –
“If you’re sliding into first, and you feel something burst… “, this guy needs no introduction. His appearance is due to your crappy diet and your body’s attempt to purge you of it.
The Flasher –
If you can identify what you’ve eaten by looking at your poop, you are being flashed! Undigested food particles making an appearance in your bowl is a sure sign that this guy has crashed your party. His appearance is due to food intolerance and an inflamed gut wall.
The Poopie Policeman –
This guy is “The Shit”! He is what all of our poopies strive to look like. He is Well Shaped (with a consistent contour), Passes Easily, Light Brown In Color, Smells Earthy – not foul, yet he floats… but not too much. Mmmm.

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