*Today’s post is yesterdays news as I am a day ahead of my blog postings.  ie When Day 2 blog is released I am actually going through Day 3 and so on

Before I begin the Juice Feasting program from Joanne Gero, www.vibealive.ca, I must jot down my starting statistics so I can track how my body reacts to the Juice Feasting program.  As with my Training and Nutrition business, everything is about the numbers.

Body Weight: 207.4lbs
Body Fat (scale measurement): 9.9%BF

April 3rd 2010, Day 1

As you can see from the photo I am already rather lean despite what my body fat reading was from the scale measurement.  I am not worried about dropping weight during the next 10 days.  Losing body fat or weight in general is not the goal or purpose for taking part in the Juice Feast.  I can feel that my body is not digesting food properly and in turn has caused me to lose some muscle mass that I once carried.  That being said though, since transitioning to a Raw Vegan lifestyle I have cleared a lot of the mucus from my muscles which has left them looking quite flat and stringy.  Trust me, I know what I look like and if you have known me over the years you know that even though I am not a mass monster I was definitely bigger than I am today.

My main focus over the next ten days is to give my body a major reset, to cleanse and detox from within while re-energizing my cells and tissues.  The Juice Feast program is just the start of my body revolution as the period that follows will be just as important and that is where you will see the greatest change in my body on the outside.  I will be able to digest and use the nutrients I put into my body much more efficiently allowing me to increase mass, strength and performance.


Morning routine as outlined in Day 1 entry consisting of sipping on 24 ounces of  fresh lemon juice and water while I write in my journal.

Another amazing day of endless energy and keen awareness.  The three days at the beginning of this feast that physically leveled me were worth the vibrant feelings I have had for the past few days and what is to come going forward.  My back once again did not hurt this morning which is a HUGE plus.  My fingers are crossed that the elimination of toxins in my body has helped to rid my body of the pain I feel when I awake.

I mentioned “keen awareness” above and bare with me as I try to explain this to you but what I have been feeling has to be what Spiderman calls his “Spidey senses.”  Whether it be writing in my journal, walking down the street, petting my cat, breathing in fresh oxygen, washing my car, reading e-mails you name it, I feel so much more ALIVE.  I know for a fact I am not a person who does not have feelings as I am a sensitive person but this heightened sense I have is ridiculous, I love it!  This can only help me as an actor tap into all the different colours of my personality.

Zen Stretch
Zen Stretch

Instead of yoga today I decided to revisit a friend of mine, Chris “Bodhi” Batista and his Zen Stretch, Moving Meditation (zenstretch.ca).  Anyone who is in the Toronto area needs to drop in on a Zen Stretch class to wake up their sleeping giant body and for those of you who can’t make it to the city, he has a Zen Stretch DVD you can purchase as well.

I know I have already mentioned how much I am enjoying my time in the mornings doing yoga and in today’s case the Zen Stretch, but taking the time to nourish myself has brought so much more meaning to an already meaningful life.  Not only did I succeed in riding my body of the toxins that were causing unnecessary strain on me but to my surprise I was able to enhance my mind and spirit as well.

I walked over to the gym today and was happy to see one of my clients already there working out on a Saturday.  Coincidentally, my client had just finished a juice feasting program of her own as she was in the group ahead of mine.  Maybe once she reads this blog she will comment on it and give a little synopsis of how the program benefited her.

Today’s workout was again a complex but instead of using a kettlebell I prefer to use a body weight workout the day after that puts much less stress on my joints.   The workout is as follows,

Hanging Leg Raise
Hanging Leg Raise

Foam Roll
Static Stretch
Movement Prep
Dynamic Stretch

BODY WEIGHT COMPLEX (6 sets of 6 reps, 90 sec rest)
Reverse Grip Chins–>Plyo Pushups–>Jump Squats–>Mountain Climber (Quick shuffle)–>Dips

Next was a little calve and abdominal work followed by 8 minutes of the Upright Bike using the Tabata protocol.
Tabata protocol is simply a means of High Intensity Interval Training consisting of 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of light recovery work.  I did 16 rounds for a total of 8 minutes.


Another four maybe five bowel movements today.  Some of you may be wondering how can one possibly have so many bowel movements in a single day from drinking juice.  Well, lets recap a little here.  First, the juice feasting is giving my body a break from digesting food by nourishing it with only living  vegetable and fruit juices.  The juices are fibre free (hence why I use a juicer or a blender with a strainer) and I would have to say that everything I am passing at this point is waste that has been backed up in my intestines over the years.  As much as I joked about using the “Fun Bag” self enema kit I know it really helped in loosening up the plaque that has been fermenting in my intestinal walls.  After all, we all have 35 feet of intestines for fermenting plaque to build up in.

I have mentioned this before but if your digestive process is working optimally you should digest a meal within 17 hours.  A great way to check this is to eat either corn or beets as they are foods that the body has a tough time breaking down.  You will be able to see pieces of corn and the redness of the beets in your stool when the it exits your body.

Have a great day everyone!

8 days down, 2 to go!

Train Mind, Body & Spirit

Nathane L. Jackson cscs & kbts
WBFF Pro & VEGA Ambassador


Nathane Jackson conducts 1-on-1 and group training business in downtown Toronto, as well as offers a comprehensive International Online Coaching and Nutrition Program for general fitness and athletes, as well as special programs for golfers and physique competitors.

For more information about Nathane Jackson Fitness, please visit www.nathanejackson.com

3 thoughts on “JUICE FEASTING, Day 8

  1. Hi Nate! I’d be happy to comment…
    I decided to try the Juice Feast for different reasons – my eating habits. While I knew in my head that 90% healthy eating was the goal towards entering a figure competition, my heart wasn’t in it. I could do the work, but not the “clean” eating that was so necessary.
    I heard about Joanne through a friend who had won vegan desserts in a Christmas contest. Ever skeptical, I had tried these vegan chocolate desserts and was instantly hooked.
    I visited Jo’s website and noticed that she was starting a Juice Feast in March. At that point, I was willing to try something different if it would help in getting rid of the bad eating habits. I signed up, not knowing what I was getting into, and up until the first day, I had my doubts.
    For the 3 days leading up to the Feast, I had to get my body ready, and that meant cutting out the worst culprit, caffeine. It was the hardest thing to do, and I almost gave up. However on the day before the feast, my withdrawal symptoms (nasty headache and tiredness) had gone, which amazed me.
    The first 3 days of the Feast were the worst. I had taken the week off work, and I’m so glad I did! I was tired, sleeping a lot and grumpy. I did get outside (walks to the grocery store to pick up more produce), but that was all I could manage.
    But on the fourth day, I felt different. More in tune, and my mind was sharper, more focused. The rest of the 10 days flew by after that; it was getting easier to just have juice. I admit there were a couple of days (day 5 and 6) where I had the craziest craving for sardines! Don’t know why, but I would eat them, and then get right back to the Feast.
    When I had finished, my former favourite foods had no appeal. Your taste buds are clean from any fast food junk. Eat chips? Yuck! High fat fast food? Your stomach will make you regret it. I actually did test this, and it was not a pleasant experience, let me tell you! Your body appreciates the taste of raw living foods over anything else – believe me, I know and I was the one with the greatest doubts.
    It’s been 6 weeks, and I’m still juicing, supplemented with a lot of raw living foods and a little meat. I have noticed that a couple of old habits have slipped back in (tea and sugar), so I’m weaning myself off the drink this week.
    I’m not 100% vegan, but my consumption of dairy, meats and processed foods has gone WAY down, thanks to this Juice Feast.
    Oh yeah, that enema bag thing? Haven’t done it yet, because I’m too nervous! Lol But it looks like I’ll have to get the nerve up. If Nate can do it, then hell, so can I! 🙂

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