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Before I begin the Juice Feasting program from Joanne Gero, www.vibealive.ca, I must jot down my starting statistics so I can track how my body reacts to the Juice Feasting program.  As with my Training and Nutrition business, everything is about the numbers.

Body Weight: 207.4lbs
Body Fat (scale measurement): 9.9%BF

April 3rd 2010, Day 1

As you can see from the photo I am already rather lean despite what my body fat reading was from the scale measurement.  I am not worried about dropping weight during the next 10 days.  Losing body fat or weight in general is not the goal or purpose for taking part in the Juice Feast.  I can feel that my body is not digesting food properly and in turn has caused me to lose some muscle mass that I once carried.  That being said though, since transitioning to a Raw Vegan lifestyle I have cleared a lot of the mucus from my muscles which has left them looking quite flat and stringy.  Trust me, I know what I look like and if you have known me over the years you know that even though I am not a mass monster I was definitely bigger than I am today.

My main focus over the next ten days is to give my body a major reset, to cleanse and detox from within while re-energizing my cells and tissues.  The Juice Feast program is just the start of my body revolution as the period that follows will be just as important and that is where you will see the greatest change in my body on the outside.  I will be able to digest and use the nutrients I put into my body much more efficiently allowing me to increase mass, strength and performance.


Morning routine as outlined in Day 1 entry consisting of sipping on 24 ounces of  fresh lemon juice and water while I write in my journal.

Today was a rather quiet day and because it is Sunday and I usually take this day off from the gym.  Last week I had an unexpected loss of internet for a day so I was still a bit behind on work come the weekend.  I took this day to catch up and catch up i did….WOW!  I still managed to get outside for a bit in the morning and caught some sunshine so the day was not a total bore.

Alkalinity chart
Alkalinity chart

One thing I did do though was check my body’s alkalinity.  I was happy to see that I scored between a 7.4 and 7.5 which is ideal http://quotecorner.com/online-pharmacy.html (7.4).  Having a balanced ph is so important to your overall health and well being.  A high acidity level (7.0 and below) is a perfect environment for disease and illness to thrive in.  Maintaining a 7.5 or higher alkaline body helps to maintain bone mass, reduce body fat and it also fights against father time and aging.  Managing a balanced ph is relatively easy through proper nutrition and exercise.  Eliminating processed foods and sugar is a great place to start but also limiting animal protein, dairy, eggs, seafood, coffee, alcohol and tobacco.   Not resting enough or living a high stress lifestyle can also lead to increased acidity levels.


I had so many small to medium bowel movements today I honestly lost track.

I know today’s post was rather short and a bit dull but such as life sometimes and I needed to spend today preparing for the opportunities that lie ahead.  One such opportunity I am prepping for is my interview with the Globe & Mail that I have on Monday morning.  If you have been following my Juice Feast journey then you may remember me saying last Monday that I had a great opportunity coming up.  Well, my fitness agent Teresa Paonessa of The R.E.D. Lifestyle Grouporganized this interview and I am very excited to be able to share my experience to a larger audience.  This is a huge chance for me to spread my brand to the public and inspire others to take their health and wellness seriously.  This should also help Joanne Gero and her Vibe Alive business (www.vibealive.ca) which is always a great feeling when you can give back to the people that have helped further your own life/career.

Tomorow is a busy day not only with the interview, training clients, my own yoga and workouts but i have a few other business meetings for potential opportunities and then I am skipping karate yet again (urgh, sorry Curt), to go to the Toronto Blue Jays home opener game with some good friends.  Even though it is day 10, I will still bring my juice as there is a three day period after feasting that is just important as the feast itself to ease solid foods back into your system and allow the digestive system to adjust.

Have a prosperous week everyone!

9 days down, 1 to go!

Train Mind, Body & Spirit

Nathane L. Jackson cscs & kbts
WBFF Pro & VEGA Ambassador


Nathane Jackson conducts 1-on-1 and group training business in downtown Toronto, as well as offers a comprehensive International Online Coaching and Nutrition Program for general fitness and athletes, as well as special programs for golfers and physique competitors.

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