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Before I begin the Juice Feasting program from Joanne Gero, www.vibealive.ca, I must jot down my starting statistics so I can track how my body reacts to the Juice Feasting program.  As with my Training and Nutrition business, everything is about the numbers.

Body Weight: 207.4lbs
Body Fat (scale measurement): 9.9%BF

April 3rd 2010, Day 1
April 3rd 2010, Day 1

As you can see from the photo I am already rather lean despite what my body fat reading was from the scale measurement.  I am not worried about dropping weight during the next 10 days.  Losing body fat or weight in general is not the goal or purpose for taking part in the Juice Feast.  I can feel that my body is not digesting food properly and in turn has caused me to lose some muscle mass that I once carried.  That being said though, since transitioning to a Raw Vegan lifestyle I have cleared a lot of the mucus from my muscles which has left them looking quite flat and stringy.  Trust me, I know what I look like and if you have known me over the years you know that even though I am not a mass monster I was definitely bigger than I am today.

My main focus over the next ten days is to give my body a major reset, to cleanse and detox from within while re-energizing my cells and tissues.  The Juice Feast program is just the start of my body revolution as the period that follows will be just as important and that is where you will see the greatest change in my body on the outside.  I will be able to digest and use the nutrients I put into my body much more efficiently allowing me to increase mass, strength and performance.


Morning routine as outlined in Day 1 entry consisting of sipping on 24 ounces of  fresh lemon juice and water while I write in my journal.  This will always remain private but I was able to venture outside of what I normally write.  This isn’t unusual but the ease at which I was able to do so was.  It was also very emotional as I ended up shedding some “happy” tears.

Next, I did 30 minutes of Yoga.  I am really enjoying taking the time to learn something new.  I can’t wait for the return of my good friend and colleague Grace Van Burkum from the Bahamas.  Grace has been studying yoga at an ashram in the Bahamas for the past few months and is also helping spread the word about Juice Fasting (However, different from the Juice Feast that I am doing).  Tara and I look forward to Grace’s return so we can catch up and chat but hopefully https://laparkan.com/buy-accutane/ spend some one on one yoga time with her as well.

Today’s breakfast juice consisted of a variety of fruits and a few green vegetables.  Much of each day is very similar in terms of how much juice I drink as well as how much fruit and greens I consume.  The fun part is the endless variety of juice recipes Joanne supplies me with and the ones I concoct on my own.

The Stool Corner: Sorry, I have to do this as your poop tells you a great deal with how your body is functioning.  I promise, no pictures!  Today’s stool was a lighter brown yet still kind of smelly and it came out in many straight medium sized pieces.  now that was fun to write about!!!!

I unfortunately got caught up with some work on the computer and before long I felt the need for a nap.  3 hours later I awoke and felt extremely groggy.  As the day panned out, I not only missed my hydrotherapy session in the morning (1 minute of Hot plus 1 minute of Cold for 16-20 minutes) but I didn’t even shower all day.  Yeah yeah yeah, like you have never missed a shower?

Toronto Harbour Front Boardwalk
Toronto Harbour Front Boardwalk

From this point on, I felt like I was hit by a truck.  Maybe it was because I did not get the wake up my body had from the shower the day before but oh my was I exhausted for the entire day.  I would sleep for 2-3 hours, wake up, juice a meal, mumble a few words to Tara and then pass out again for another 2-3 hours.  However, Tara was able to gather me up and convince me to go for a walk later in the afternoon.

I am extremely happy that we went for this stroll as it was just too beautiful of a day to sleep it away.  The boardwalk was busy and people were laughing creating a buzz that I have come to love in the city.  The sound of the waves rolling up to the boardwalk and the lower decibel level of the cities noise was a welcomed change.

When Tara and I got home, it was time to juice again.  We camped out on the couch and watched some PVR’d Supernatural.  What is better than 1 episode of Supernatural, two episodes of Supernatural!

I went to bed shortly there after and slept rather well for another 6 hours.

2 day down, 8 to go!

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