Karate Nate Returns, Handstands and WICKED!

Hey everyone,

Wicked musical, Toronto

Real quick this evening as it is 10:30pm and it is an hour or so past my school night bed time.  What’s the reason for the late night posting you ask?  Tara and I had a date night and caught a performance of Wicked.  We both really enjoyed it and found it interesting how everything was tied together from the original story.  We both believe Elphaba (Wicked Witch of the West) was played by Lea Michele who plays Rachelle on the TV show Glee.  Either one of us has yet to confirm this but Tara has an uncanny ability to spot/recognize actors from movies, TV shows, commercials etc, no matter how small the role may be or how made up in prosthetics the person is.  If anyone can confirm this please leave a message below as I am sure Tara and I will both lose a bit of sleep over this.  Seriously, we will!

I know Kung Fu....whoa!

Karate Nate has returned to class and is well on his way to achieving the black belt portion of  “The 7 Wonders of Nate’s World” goals.   I will now stop referring to myself in the third person.  Keanu who?

This morning, after foam rolling and my Eischens yoga I ventured down to the beaches to SOUL TRAIN.  I have been overcoming some fears and I am looking forward to tomorrows training as I think I am ready to start hanging upside down.  Excited….I hope I live to write about it tomorrow.

Alright everyone, I need some sleep.  Take care, eat strong foods, gets some quality rest and I will catch you on the other side!

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3 thoughts on “Karate Nate Returns, Handstands and WICKED!

  1. She DOES look like Lea Michele, with the exception of the nose from the side profile, which is why when I first saw a picture of JB in the costume, I was all, that’s not even close to the same person (unless they gave her a an inaccurate prosthesis, but that’s possible) nor was the woman playing Galinda the same woman in the promotional cast materials for Toronto. Plus, the speaking voice and mannerisms were uncannily Rachel-esque.

    Next, JB’s from Toronto, but Elphaba made a HUGE deal about getting the word “Twonie” correct when the show finished and they asked the audience to make donations to an AIDS Charity. “Oooh..I’m going to get this wrong…is it.. a Twonie?” Just don’t see why she’d do that when all of her press is about a Canadian girl making good in a hit Broadway show.

    Then there’s the fact that many Glee cast members have been featured in Wicked at some point, and Lea Michele has theater experience, so I’m still up in the air.

    Also weird, LM is rumored to be playing Elphaba in the film version of Wicked AND set to play Dorothy in a animated film.

    Maybe we’ll never know…..

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