Kill 2 Meals with 1 Beet and “that’s the power of the juice.”

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Fruits and Vegetables for Juicing

This week I vowed to get back to using my dehydrator as it had been a number of months since it last got some use.  Since I have been so busy I was buying all my pizza crusts, crackers and treats out of convenience from my local health food store.  As most of you know this can get extremely expensive especially when we pay well over 6 dollars for things like kale chips or raw crackers which can be very easily made for or less.

The best part of this next recipe is that one pile of fruits and vegetables (a beet included) provided me with two very strong meals.  If you are concerned about the sustainable future then a juicer and a dehydrator  are two kitchen appliances you should not live without.

Beet Juice

I juiced the pile of fruits and vegetables above to make my breakfast juice.  Obviously, you can use a variety of ingredients for your juice to create a combination you really enjoy.  I wanted to incorporate a beet  into my juice for its cleansing effects but I also wanted it to be the base of my pizza crust for later in the day.

On a sad note, if you happen to live in a mayonnaise jar then you don’t already know that  The Godfather of Fitness passed away this week at 96 years young.  Jack Lalanne accomplished some amazing feats of strength and endurance in his lifetime.  Such things as 1000 Star Jumps and a 1000 Chin Ups in 1 hour and 22 minutes, 1033 pushups in 23 minutes, swam handcuffed across many different waterways while towing vessels and so much more.    I obviously have a special bond with this gentleman as he has his own juicer and wasn’t afraid to switch gears and instead of telling people to consume more animal based protein he instructed them to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Jack has touched so many lives over the years and he will be missed dearly.

Whoops, I almost forgot to take a picture of my juice.  When I finally remembered I had already drank half of it.  Trust me, the jar was full at one point, haha!

I then took the pulp from my juice and placed it on ceran wrap and on a dehydrator trey.  Placed plastic wrap on top of the pulp and flattened it out to make a pizza shell.  Quick and easy, which means I really had no excuse not to be making my own shells months prior.  I threw it in the dehydrator at 104 degrees F and left it as I went to work.  8 hours later I came home and my shell was ready to be topped.

Beet Pizza Crust

I got in from work a little later than I had hoped so it was a blessing that I decided to make my crust on this day.  I topped this pizza with a raw tomato sauce (blended tomatoes, garlic, dates and basil), hot house tomatoes, red onions, avocado, red pepper and sunflower sprouts.  It was delicious….so many flavours and yet so light and fresh.  There are so many options to make every pizza you make taste unique.  I like to include raw pizza’s in my own as well as in my clients’ nutrition programs as they provide a lot of opportunity for variety, not just with teh toppings but also with the crust/shell.

Raw Pizza

Take a moment and think about the waste created and how many steps the food you eat has to go through before it rests on your plate.  All of us can do something to help provide longevity and sustainability for the future of our children and grand kids.

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