Lazareth Offseason Golf Program


I’m looking for a handful of golfers who want to move better, so they can swing better, and ultimately score better.

It’s been two years since I caught the golf bug and I now understand what it’s like to have that strong yearning for something, like what Tom had for Jerry.

I spend all my free time either hacking away on a golf course, beating balls on the range (just kidding, Norm) watching golf related YouTube videos (wish I was kidding, Norm) and hanging around other golfers every chance I get.

In case you’re wondering, Norm is my swing coach. He’s also worked with me to improve his fitness and nutrition both in-person and through my online coaching program. You can read the affects of improving his strength and mobility had on his golf game here.

I’ve even transitioned my business which is mostly dedicated to building strong and mobile golfers all around the world. Now, I believe I’ve created the ‘ultimate’ training program to properly service the offseason golfer.

This is for men and women who are feeling the aches and pains from such a one side dominant sport – leading to countless playing hours lost each season, not to mention how it disrupts life off the course. Those who want to hit the ball further but can’t because their fitness holds them back.    

You’re a golfer who wants to become strong and mobile, however you also have other goals:

  • You want to balance out your body because you know all those swings in the same direction year after year are taking its toll.
  • You want to move well and spring out of bed in the morning not feeling like a broken down golf cart.
  • You want to regain some of the athleticism you’ve lost over the years. Maybe not Gary Player or Greg Norman levels of athleticism but it would be nice to to play 18 holes without having to chew an Aleve because your lower back resembles a snap hook.Gary Player Greg Norman 
  • You want more distance. I know you’d rather hit the middle of the fairway over an extra 20-30 yards that leaves you in the trees but if you keep your accuracy as well as pick up yardage, are you willing to pass that up?
  • More importantly, you want your offseason training to be both productive, fun and not take up a ton of time.      

All the swing gadgets on the market promise x, y and z but none of them address what really matter most.

Your body.

It’s your body and its ability to move in a full range of motion and to do so under control, that determines the efficiency of your golf swing.

A golf teaching professional can go blue in the face instructing you to bring the club further back or on a steeper plane – the same with a strength coach (like me) barking at you to squat deeper – you may be trying as hard as you can to get your body in the position requested but in both scenarios if you don’t have the mobility and/or stability to do what is being asked – it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – it’s never going to happen. But it sure will be a good waste of time and money.

I have a solution that works. For nearly two decades, it’s been successful for my athletes who are able to work with me in person or enrol in my online coaching programs. I’m ready to take this knowledge to the next stage and roll it out as an information product but I need help.

And that’s where you come in.  

Beta Testing the Lazareth Offseason Golf program

I would never release a training product without having beta-testers go through it first, offering feedback on:

  • What they liked? Or disliked?
  • How clear was the program delivered? How easy was it to follow?
  • Which days made them feel like a solid club face strike, and which made them feel like they hit the ground a foot behind the ball.

All of your feedback is important, even if it may not be pleasant for me to read. But it’ll allow me to create the best possible product to help the most amount of people.

I’m looking for highly committed golfers to follow the Lazareth Offseason Golf program for five months. That’s right, you’ll be under professional guidance for your entire offseason.  


The program will be hosted in an online member portal. This offers a few benefits:

  • All programs are delivered in Google word documents so you can follow the program on your phone or have the option to print it out.
  • Workouts are roughly 45-60 minutes in length and to be completed three times per week.   
  • You’ll have access to video tutorials of all exercises and drills
  • You’ll have access to a community forum to converse with other beta testers and be able to ask me questions. This will probably be through a private Facebook group unless I can figure out a way to do it within the member portal or on my website.

COST: I’m offering the beta program at a price of $49. This will cover 5 months of programming (and is still less than a box of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls)

START DATE: The start date is Monday, December 4th, 2017 (Ends April 23rd, 2018)


  • You have to be comfortable with watching video on your computer or phone
  • You have to have access to a well-equipped commercial or home gym. Home gyms should have a variety of dumbbells or kettlebells, a barbell, bands, a bench, a suspension trainer, and a med ball.
    (Don’t go out and purchase equipment yet, as not all phases of the program require the same equipment.)
  • You have to be relatively injury free. Aches and pains are okay, but six weeks post-surgery is a deal breaker.
  • Must have swing numbers recorded a few times throughout the program (at the very least before you start and at the end of the program) This will require a visit to your local golf simulator or golf academy.  
  • Allow me to use your case study data on my website and in marketing materials when the time comes to launch the product in 2018. Don’t worry, I can always black out faces or alter names if anyone is running from the government, or would rather keep what they did, to get remarkably better, a secret from the rest of their foursome.  

I think I’ve covered everything I needed to cover. I’m excited to get started with this project and can’t wait to have you on board!


Before you go, have you grabbed my Free Dynamic Warmup video?

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