Pro Fitness Model Nathane Jackson talks about the Maximum Fitness cover, the WBFF and the loss of his best friend!

(The posting below was a note I had written days before the WBFF World Championships)
“This is a huge honour and privilege for me and I am truly thankful for this opportunity. This was one of my fitness goals for 2009 along with joining the team at Vega, Sequel Naturals. 2 fitness goals down, 2 to go.”

The above statement is what my original posting read back a few short weeks ago. As the latest issue of Maximum Fitness magazine hit the shelves all across North America I was deep into my contest preparation for the WBFF World Championships. I was feeling great about my chances of winning this prestigious title ever since I had decided to make it a top goal of mine heading into 2009. I was in stage shape by the end of February and this is when my hard work as a top fitness model started paying off. I was fortunate enough to be signed by Vega, Sequel Naturals as an Ambassador athlete, shoot the cover of Maximum Fitness along with a few other fitness related engagements. I was creating video blog’s (Vlogs), for everyone who was interested, in my holistic and natural approach to preparing for the WBFF World Championships. Everything seemed to be going according to plan.

For the past ten years my mother has been fighting a battle with cancer. She has had some good years and some really trying years but none as draining and painful as this last. Even this last year was not entirely all bad, as discussed on my website and in Vlog #6.

My mom had been getting mega dose Vitamin C treatments since January, which was shortly after a hospital stay in which many in our family thought may be her final hour. For those of us who knew my mom though, we were not all that surprised to see her miraculously battle back eventually leaving the hospital to head back home. Once she was home she immediately looked into alternative cancer care as she had had enough of the traditional treatments that left her body weak, depleted and engulfed in side effects.

The Intravenous Vitamin-C therapy worked wonders and to make a long story short my mom left her oxygen mask & wheel chair behind and boarded a plane to Vegas. Her and my dad along with two of their closest friends went to Las Vegas (where my folks resided for the last 6 years before returning to Ontario, Canada last Spring) where she had a wonderful time in Sin City.

Upon returning from Las Vegas my mothers energy continued to increased and she was able to play a significant role in planning and executing a surprise anniversary party for my Aunt & Uncle. She also started a new jewellery business with her best friend and life was back to normal as we knew it. So we thought or at least had hoped.

There was a complication or a mix up if will with her treatment schedule. I do not want to get further into this nor will I ever second guess anything that happened because I am not qualified to do so, but her cancer started to take over her body again when she was unable to receive Vitamin-C therapy. Just for the record, I am still a HUGE believer of Mega Dose vitamin therapy and strongly suggest anyone who is fighting their own battle with cancer to look into what it can do for them.

My mom was back in the hospital before we knew it fighting yet again to hang on for dear life. After a courageous ten year battle with cancer my mom was unable to bounce back this time and she passed away in the late evening of September 2nd 2009 holding my hand.

I know she was very proud of me and loved me very much. She enjoyed going to go to the book store and informing the cashier that the guy on the Harlequin novel she was buying was her son. She also thought it was so cool to have her son on the cover of Inside Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazine. The current issue of Maximum Fitness magazine (Sep/Oct 2009) was the last achievement she was able to see of mine. She would have wanted me to compete this weekend at the WBFF World Championships and not allow her deteriorating health or even her passing stop me from achieving my goals but just like so many times before when she went in to the Hospital I was never giving up hope that she would return back home.

Valerie J. Jackson 1951-2009
(Best friend & Mother)

I am sorry mom, but I can not step on stage this weekend, not yet anyway. You will always be such a large part of my life and of whom I am today that I will need a little more time to refocus my energy in order to move forward. I promise I will get back to my routine and continue to strive for everything I want out of life very soon.

I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone in the fitness industry who sent their condolences to me and my family over the past two weeks. Even though there is a competition to win tomorrow, all of you put that aside and reached out to a “Fitness” family member who was suddenly struck with sadness.

Thank you once again and I wish all of you the very best this weekend!


Train Mind, Body & Spirit

Nathane L. Jackson cscs & kbts
WBFF Pro & VEGA Ambassador


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