Aug 2nd 2010, Day 1 of 30

Aug 2nd 2010, metabolic conditioning workout A

Aug 2nd 2010 equipment
24kg Kbells, TRX, Buddy Lee Jump rope, Ab Wheel, Vibram FiveFingers (not shown)

Hey everyone,

I have been getting a ton of e-mails and facebook messages asking me all sorts of questions with regards to training and how it relates to me being a raw vegan.  I have been asked the obvious question of where I get my protein from along with what kind of strength and muscle gains I have seen to what I eat etc.  I will try to answer all questions I get from here or from any of my social media networks to help you better understand what effect the power of raw food has on one’s MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.

I have a few things coming up at the beginning of September that I need to be in top shape for.  The next thirty days will be mostly focused on getting rid of excess body fat that I have accumulated from my last training phase. My starting stats are below and I will update my progress once a week  on Sundays and try to include photos and/or video in each.

August 1st
7.8% body fat

On to the workout…

2x 24kg Farmer Walk 100yrds
Shoulder Pushups x 10
Step Ups (L+R=1rep) x 25
2x 24kg Farmer Walk 100yrds
TRX Inverted Row x 10
TRX Atomic Pushups
Wheel Crawl 100yrds

3 x with 3 min rest between rounds
Ave work time per round was 8min 44sec

WOW, once I was finished my last round I fell to the ground in exhaustion.  Even though I have been working out here at the field for almost 6 weeks and have gained some of my size and strength back, I didn’t get a true feeling of accomplishment until today.  I finished up  the workout with a few sets of triceps.

3 x TRX French Press 10,9,8 reps

Training Mind, Body & Spirit

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