Aug 11th, 2010. Day 10


Sunday August 8th 2010, Starting Stats
7.4% body Fat

Yoga practice & meditation upon waking up.

*Please consult with a physician or any other health care professional before randomly trying any of these exercises on your own. I will do my best to give progressions and things to be cautious of as necessary.  Ideally, everyone should be screened for proper movement before starting an exercise program.

Pre Workout

Hydrotherapy Shower
Hydrotherapy Shower

Foam Roll
Static Stretch
Dynamic Stretch
Movement Prep

Tuck Jumps (Plyometrics), 3×10
KB Front Squat, 10×10
2KB SLDL, 3×6-12, giant set w/
AB Wheel Rollout
2KB Calve Raise

Post Workout
Static Stretch
15 min Meditation/Restoration

Hydrotherapy, 1 min hot water + 30-60 sec cold water x 3 rounds.  This is a great way to help recover from workouts by flushing out toxins in the muscles.  Scientists from Australia have reported that athletes who use hot-cold contrast hydrotherapy after training or competition have lighter, less tight muscles together with a feeling of mental freshness (Sportsmed News 2001; 2-3)

Breakfast/Pre workout– LARGE bowl of fruit (banana, mango, dates, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, goji berries) handful of coconut meat , red ginseng

Post Workout– Shake (1 scoop Vega Protein, medjool dates, goji berries, bee pollen)
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Lunch– Green Smoothie (banana, spinach, chlorella, maca) and Ezekiel hummus and tabouli wrap.  YUM YUM!

Snack– Green Juice (Kale, cucumber, ginger, lemon, apples), whole food bar and brazil nuts

Dinner– LARGE Spinach Salad with veggies, pecans, avocado, sprouts, apples and fresh orange juice & seed dressing

Pre Bed– Shake (1 scoop Vega protein, ground flax seed, aloe vera juice)

I am really feeling today’s workout already and I am sure my legs will be exceptionally sore tomorrow.  I kind of missed this feeling of the “pump” as functional workouts don’t always provide me with one that I can really feel.  However, I am sure once tomorrow hits I won’t be missing the DOMS that will have set in.

I just started a Nathane Jackson facebook fan page that will host all of these daily training journals along with a great deal of the information Nathane Jackson Fitness Inc. puts out along with any writing, modeling, acting and entertainment news relating to moi.  Please join (Like)  @!/pages/Nathane-Jackson/139077076125759?ref=ts

Until tomorrow, have a great day everyone!

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