August 30th, 2010. Monday workout weeks 1&3.


Sunday August 8th 2010, Starting Stats
7.4% Body Fat

Week 1 209.8lbs6.9% Body FatWeek 2 210lbs 6.9% Body Fat. Week 3 213lbs  7.5% Body Fat

Well, I woke up this morning and after my yoga and meditation practice I realized I didn’t want to do something I wasn’t inspired to do.  This was relating to something going on in my life right now but it also relates to my current “bodybuilding” workouts that I have already expressed boredom in.  I figured I may as well workout the way I want to work out.  The universe always leads me in the proper direction when I ask it to.  I mean, I am not competing in 2010 so there is no deadline or rush to get my size back.  Plus, I don’t want that stress anymore, I need to go with the flow and let my body finish detoxing and allow it to heal.  I will eat and train the way I know is best for my health.  This is how I advise my clients so why should I be any different, I am not that special.  HA! jon-hinds-climb

I was reading my daily RSS feeds and articles/blogs like I normally do while sipping on my breakfast when I came to Jon Hinds Monkey Bar Gym ( feed.  Jon is a strength and conditioning coach for many professional athletes, a S&C consultant for many NBA/NFL/MLB teams, a head instructor for the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medecine) as well as a plant based athlete.

Jon has a section on the MBG website dedicated to workouts of the day complete with video.  This may sound familiar to the Crossfitter’s out there but trust me, these are much safer and relative.  Jon has divided the workout so beginners who need to work on their “Stability” can create a solid foundation.  The intermediate trainee can follow the “Strength” workout and the more experienced (free from dysfunction) athlete can go after the “Power” workout.

I won’t be copying Jon’s prescribed exercises exactly as I have my own dysfunctions I need to take care of but I will model the structure of the workouts after his.  Please take a moment and visit as you will definitely not be disappointed with all the FREE training and nutrition information along with the many other extras his website offers.


*Please consult with a physician or any other health care professional before randomly trying any of these exercises/routines on your own. I will do my best to give proper progressions and training tips when necessary.  Ideally, everyone should be screened for efficient movement before starting an exercise program by a qualified professional.Field Workout

The following is my phase 2 training routine, WEEKS 1&3

30-45 min Yoga & Meditation upon waking up

Pre Workout
Foam Roll
Static Stretch
Dynamic Stretch
Movement Prep

Monday 5×5 workout
A1.TRX Suspended Chin Ups,
superset w/
A2.1 Arm KB Press

B1.1KB Overhead Goblet Squat,
superset w/
B2.2KB Single Leg Stiff Leg Dead Lift (SL SLDL)

1KB Biceps Curl with towel and twist. 3 x6-12

Post Workout
Static Stretch
15 min Meditation/Restoration

Hot & Cold shower, 1 min hot + 30 seconds cold x 4 =Regeneration baby!

Breakfast/Pre workout–  Fruit Smoothie consisting of banana, mango & dates with a few added goodies like hemp seed, maca, bee pollen, aloe juice, coconut milk and coconut oil.

Lunch/Post Workout– Green Smoothie  consisting of spinach with 1 scoop Vega Protein, sprouts, banana, medjool dates, goji VegaSportProteinLGberries, bee pollen and coconut water.  I added a tsp of carob chips, YUM!

To learn more about Vega Sport Performance Protein visit,

Snack– Green Juice (Kale, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon, apples), handful of soaked nuts

Dinner–  Green Smoothie consisting of sprouts with spirulina, avocado, carob powder, hemp seed and banana.  2 corn on the cob.

Pre Bed– Shake  consisting of 1 scoop Vega protein, ground flax seed, aloe vera juice and peppermint oil.

Just a reminder, I just started a Nathane Jackson facebook fan page that will host all of these daily training journals along with a great deal of the information Nathane Jackson Fitness Inc. puts out along with any writing, modeling, acting and entertainment news relating to moi.  Please join (Like)  @!/pages/Nathane-Jackson/139077076125759?ref=ts

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