Aug 23rd-29th, 2010. Week 3 Results


Sunday August 8th 2010, Starting Stats
7.4% Body Fat

Week 1 209.8lbs6.9% Body FatWeek 2 210lbs 6.9% Body Fat. Week 3 213lbs  7.5% Body Fat

Week 3 overall was a good week of training.  My energy on most of the days was very high with the exception of Wednesday due to a late night.  I am already extremely bored of  these bodybuilding style workouts eventhough they seem to be getting me to my goal.  My overall goal is to drop to 5% bodyfat but add some size to my current frame inorder to get back to my normal physique pictured below.  Eventhough the bodybuilding style workouts are more or less accomplishing this I will be continuing on.

I have slightly changed my nutrition as I was feeling bloated all day long.  I have switched to even more liquid nutrition in the form of smoothies and juices opposed to solid food.  For me this seems to work as both are relatively quick and easy yet still highly nutritious.  I will still have some solid food when I feel like it but I won’t stress over not having it, plus not walking around feeling like a blimp will be nice.    

*Please consult with a physician or any other health care professional before randomly trying any of these exercises/routines on your own. I will do my best to give proper progressions and training tips when necessary.  Ideally, everyone should be screened for efficient movement before starting an exercise program by a qualified professional.

The following is my phase 1 training routine,

30-45 min Yoga & Meditation upon waking up

Pre Workout
Foam Roll
Static Stretch
Dynamic Stretch
Movement Prep

Phase 1 Workouts
Day 1- Back, Core & Calves
Day 2- Delts & Triceps
Day 3- Thighs, Core & Calves
Day 4- Chest & Biceps
Day 5-Flush day jog/swim/blade or Rest day depending on how I feel.

Post Workout
Static Stretch
15 min Meditation/Restoration

Hot & Cold shower, 1 min hot + 30 seconds cold x 4 + Restoration!

Breakfast/Pre workout–  Fruit Smoothie consisting of banana, mango & dates with a few added goodies like hemp seed, maca, bee pollen, aloe juice and coconut milk or coconut oil.

Lunch/Post Workout– Green Smoothie  consisting of spinach or kale with 1 scoop Vega Protein, sprouts, banana, medjool dates, goji berries, bee pollen and coconut water.

Vega Sport Perfromance Protein
Vega Sport Perfromance Protein

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Snack– Green Juice (Chard or kale, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon, apples), handful of soaked nuts

Dinner–  Green Smoothie consisting of spinach or kale with spirulina/chlorella, avocado, carob powder, hemp seed and banana.

Pre Bed– Shake  consisting of 1 scoop Vega protein, ground flax seed, aloe vera juice

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