To be honest, I am just a SOUL TRAINER wannabe.  However, everyone needs to start somewhere, right?

What does it mean to be a Soul Trainer?  Well, to my understanding it is doing something for the absolute love of it and not worry about how your performance effects the end result in regards to a placing in competition.  Surfers are well known for grasping this philosophy.  In relation to my own training, for the next few weeks I am not going to worry about sets, reps, loads and rest times but instead focus on the integrity of each movement and train with a peace of mind.

Last week I set some goals for myself and I am still 100% committed to these babies even with my Soul Training mind set.  Just to review what it is I want to accomplish,I call them…

The 7 Wonders of Nate’s World

  1. 20 yard Hand Stand Walk
  2. Single Leg Squat (strict form with right leg)
  3. 5 Muscle Ups
  4. Two Foot Dunk
  5. 5 One Arm, One Leg Pushups per side
  6. 100 yard Power Wheel Crawl
  7. Attain Black Belt in Karate (currently a candidate)

On Saturday, I woke up and went right to work on my body with the foam roller.  I followed the soft tissue breakup with the Eischens yoga beginner sequence.  Once I aligned my body and primed it for my workout I squeezed a fresh lemon and mixed the juice with purified water and cayenne pepper.  Up to this point, this is my daily routine that stimulates my body, loosens me up and puts me in proper alignment for the day and workout ahead.

Horizontal Bars

I headed down to the beaches here in Toronto where I prefer to workout when I am outside.  Today I did a bunch of pulling movements between the two stations in the photos above & below.  There is about 400-500 metres between these stations so it provides me an opportunity to get a little sprinting/running in.

I started out with some steps to prepare me for muscle ups as I don’t have the strength yet to get one repetition.  I am eagerly awaiting the Jungle Gym XT from LifelineUSA as this will help me train the Muscle Up movement.  I then ran to the Monkey Bars and alternated Chin Ups to my chest with some Hanging Ab Training exercises.  A few gentlemen walked up and challenged me to a chin up competition.  Between their Central European accent and the gym bag of suspension training equipment one carried I knew better than to accept their challenge.  Sure enough, their warm up alone would have put me to shame.  Thankfully, they were just at the monkey bars to warm up before going into the water for a swim.  Yup, I said it….a swim.  They were HARDCORE!  Once they headed towards the water I just worked my way swinging back and forth on the monkey bars a few times and then took off running back to the Horizontal Bars.  A few sets of One Arm Chin Ups later and I was done.

Monkey Bars

The rest of the day was solid as I ran some errands, stopped in at The Big Carrot for groceries and dinner which was a very tasty zucchini pad thai and a slice of Chocolate Avocado pie.  Awesome!  I got home in time for the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators Hockey Night In Canada game.  Good game but my Habs lost 3-2 and ex-Canadien Alex Kovelev scored two goals, urgh!

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s ego-less workout as I found a playground down by the beach I can use.  I forgot to look but I hope it has parallel bars.  I don’t know yet what exactly I will be doing but I know I will be outside breaking a sweat, challenging myself and breathing in fresh air.  Join me and many others in our SOUL TRAINING.

Much love,

Training Mind, Body & Spirit

Nathane L. Jackson cscs & kbts
WBFF Pro Athlete & Vega Ambassador


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