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Hey everyone,

The photo is of one of my new workout locations until my wellness centre is operational (The flooring is being installed this week, YAY!).   There are a lot of great options available for some fun SOUL TRAINING at this playground and Sunday was a day full of Dips, Swings, Handstand Assissted Pushups, Handstands, Handstand Lateral Wall Walks, Rock Jumps (Box Jumps) and One Arm Pushups.  I also did some sprint intervals and enjoyed the view for a few minutes afterword.

A father came up to me at one point and said he had been taking his kids to this park for a few years and has rarely seen anyone using it as place to workout.  It is too bad as I am just beginning my Monkey Barz training so this gentlemen wasn’t able to see what some people can actually do on the playground.  Either way, this father was inspired and he even tried a few pull ups.

I then hurried home for a day full of watching football while working on some systems for the wellness centre.  I find it funny how I have ran, in-line skated and biked by this playground a million times before and never really took notice of its capabilities.  As most of you know for the better part of two summers I have often brought my kettlebells down to the beach and still hadn’t taken the time to scope out the exercise possibilities this playground offers.  Better late than never I guess!  Then again, I was always so focused on reps and sets that I never opened my mind up to what was already available to me.

Alright gang,

I invite you to join me and a few others to forget about the sets and reps of your current workout and get outside, do something different and train for the fun of training, the joy of mastering a movement and the freedom of SOUL TRAINING!

Any Playground guys and gals in the Toronto area? Hit me up as I would love to come spend some time on the barz with you!

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