TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF AND EATING IT. My transition to a Plant Based Whole Food Nutrition plan. Part 2

Part 2

Cold Turkey, not the day after Thanksgiving cold turkey I used to slap between two pieces of whole grain bread but rather the game plan I used to switch to a plant based style of eating. Each day I would consume two servings each of eggs, chicken and whey protein powder along with a serving each of white fish and red meat. This was a typical day of protein consumption over the last few years as I worked my way up to becoming one of Canada’s top male fitness personalities.

A few years ago I started buying only organic food and bragged to everyone about how great I felt immediately when I did so. I didn’t feel sluggish any longer, my skin and hair looked better than ever and overall I just felt clean and natural. Boy oh boy, little did I know, I was in for yet another cleansing.

When I first became an ambassador for Vega back in May of 2009 I started by replacing the whey protein powder I was using with the Health Optimizer powder shown below. I also started using the Vega Sport Optimizer powder for a pre workout beverage as well as during my workout to keep me energized and my body anabolic while I strength trained.

Vega vegan meal replacment

Even though I made this switch and put more effort into making salads and eating more raw vegetables I was still consuming a lot of meat. Luckily, other than the whey protein powder and an occasional bowl of yogurt or slice of cheese I was not eating much dairy at all. On September 12th 2009, I decided I had procrastinated long enough and began soaking and sprouting beans, lentils, legumes, nuts and seeds. The refrigerator looked like one giant science experiment. For the next two weeks I ate everything raw with the exception of my morning breakfast which still consisted of an egg and egg white mixture.

At the time I did not want to give up eggs as I was still not educated enough with regards to how much protein I should be consuming per day on a plant based plan. To be honest, I also really love scrambled eggs with rice cheese and scallion onions for breakfast. With the exception of the use of a frying pan for my eggs everything else was untouched and raw.

Within two days I noticed many significant changes in my body. I was feeling even more energized than when I made the switch to 95% organic food and my mental clarity was at an elevated level. However, the most dramatic change occurred over the next week when my body rid itself of many toxins and other intestinal build up. It was also at some point this week when I happened to catch the Dr. Oz show in which he gave the audience the skinny on what our feces should look like. Let me just say this, after the two weeks I would have made Dr. Oz very pleased.

At this point I was feeling the healthiest I have ever been. I was a bit worried though that my strength training was going to suffer while my body transitioned but if anything I actually had more energy and clarity to put towards my workouts right from day one. I was also experiencing some new foods and food combinations which were a relief and a nice change from my previous menu.

There was one downfall to my cold turkey transition. I had read that I should expect some bloating and gas while my body gets assimilated to the large quantities of fibre. The word “some” was an understatement, as I would have preferred to have read “extreme” or “intense” bloating just so I could have prepared for the extended waist line.

The next time I will blog about the decision I had to make and where I am at currently with my nutrition. I will also post a sample meal plan and answer the question I get asked on a daily basis. The question, “If you don’t eat meat and don’t use whey products how do you consume enough protein”?

Until next time,

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