Post Workout Smoothie (100% RAW)
Post Workout Smoothie (100% RAW)

2-3 Ice |Cubes (Purified water)
1 Frozen banana (chunks)
1/2 C Blueberries
1 C Mango
1 C Pineapple
1 C Cantaloupe
2 Tbsp Hemp Seed
1 Tbsp Chia Seed
1 Tbsp Bee Pollen
1 tsp Cacao Nibs
1 tsp Goji Berries
1 Handful Spinach
1 C Purified water

Blend all ingredients until smooth.  Top with Goji berries and cacao nibs instead of blending if you wish.

I personally use this smoothie or a close variation of it almost every day.  I sometimes substitute the hemp seed for great products such as VEGA Smoothie Infusion or VEGA Performance Protein for post workout.  I will also use this smoothie as a breakfast option by substituting the hemp seeds with VEGA Health Optimizer. You can use any protein powder in these shakes as you wish, even if you are not a plant based eater.

The berries, chia seeds, bee pollen and cacao nibs provide many other health benefits such as an abundance of amino acids, Omega-3’s, antioxidants, phytonutrients, fibre, B-Complex and many other vitamins and minerals essential for optimum health.

For more information about the great products listed above and other vegan items from VEGA, Sequel Naturals please visit their website at

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