Whiterockreit Wellness Centre opens


It is refreshing to see companies actually value their employees and not just talk the talk but actually walk it too.  Whiterockreit invested quite a large sum of money not just into the health and wellness of their own employees but they invested into the lives of all the 32 companies that lease office space at the 401/405 The West Mall.  Whiterockreit is blazing the trail for companies all over world to follow suit and create an environment where not only people go to earn a living but not have to sacrifice their health while doing so.  Here are a few of the amenities that are available to the tenants,

  • State of the art strength training areas
  • Cardiovascular area
  • 3000sq ft fully equipped functional playground
  • 3 Squash courts & 3 Racquetball courts
  • 700 sq ft Zumba studio
  • 700sq ft Yoga studio
  • Climbing Wall
  • Boxing area
  • Stretching area
  • Full kitchen
  • Seminar/classroom
  • Wellness clinic that houses Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Reiki

    Treatment room
    Massage therapy room (in progress)
  • Complete changerooms and lockers
Cardio and free weight area
Cardio, machine, squash areas



The majority of the last 6 months have been spent designing the layout and implementing systems at the new Corporate Wellness facility which officially opened January 4th 2011.  Now that the facility is open and running I have a little http://www.honeytraveler.com/buy-symbicort/ more time to myself these days.  Not much of course but enough to get back into regular workouts and a devotion to quality sleep through proper hydration and nutrition.  I have really found that throughout the years that when my nutrition and hydration take a back seat to life that my sleeping patterns are thrown off.  I wake up a lot during the night, I wake up and feel like I didn’t even sleep, I zombie through the day at times which of course fuels the creation of habits I normally would not follow.  Fortunately, it is a quick fix and can be turned around in just a few days.    A great quote that I heard a few weeks back is “Don’t worry about breaking old habits but rather focus on making new ones and eventually you won’t have time for the bad habits.”  This is so true, and I am glad I heard it when I did as it has been a driving force for me the past few weeks.  On to my next company to help guide them through the steps to making their workplace a healthier, happier and more productive place of employment.

2 thoughts on “Whiterockreit Wellness Centre opens

  1. Re your statement “I need to rehab my right hip as it is causing my knee to internally rotate and my quad muscle is shifted”….. how did you determine you had these issues…Does your facility offer services in diagnosing these issues?

    1. Hey Tommi,

      We have a chiropractor who deals with sports teams and soon a physio as well. However, my problem has been ongoing for a year or so. I thought I could rehab it myself with what i know about movement but after a year I gave in and had it assessed.


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