Norm Moote PGAI am pleased to recommend Nate as a fitness and nutrition coach. I’ve been working with him for the last five months at our golf academy at Legends. To my surprise, his approach and expertise extended way beyond golf fitness. He not only helped me increase mobility, strength and power (demonstrated by a 10mph improvement in club head speed) but, with his nutrition coaching, I’ve lost 20lbs (4 notches in my belt) and my latest blood panel shows I’m close to no longer needing diabetes medication.

While I may have not liked the squats at first, I now do them regularly as part of my workout routine, along with the other exercises Nate stuck in my program. I’ve come to appreciate the value they offer both in my game and overall health. I’ve since joined a gym and enrolled in his online coaching program, allowing me to continue to work with Nate, but at my convenience.

I strongly recommend his services for not only your golf game but for a better quality of life.


Norm Moote, PGA
Director of Instruction at Legends-on-the-Niagara

Norm Moote PGA

testimonial D MooreNate is one of the most professional trainers I have ever worked with. This gentleman is widely known as a ‘class-act’ in the industry and fully represents what a health and fitness professional should be. He will always be my “go-to” trainer for referrals as his knowledge, passion and dedication for this field are remarkable and without question. Expect the utmost in client care!

Denise Moore

ameer-rosic-testimonialNathane Jackson is one of my favorite health and wellness coaches of all time. He has years and years of real world experience that sets himself apart from the rest of pack. Now what makes Nathane so special is…he combines a holistic way of thinking with modern science from nutrition to strength training: He applies all of this knowledge and wisdom and makes you become the ultimate performing machine.

I highly recommend that you talk to Nathane, because he is simply the BEST!

Ameer Rosic

IMG_3094I have Immune Thrombocytopenia and was looking for non-traditional medical modalities to improve my overall health status. Nathane’s in-depth investigation of my lifestyle stressors and genetic background in conjunction with his expert knowledge and holistic approach to well-being resulted in a lifestyle plan that addresses not only my “medical” condition but is also a model for healthy living. I thank Nathane for his dedication to bringing the holistic and preventive medical approach to the public and for his ongoing concern for my progress. He is a true Wellness Ambassador.

Jane Eaton, RN

Wow has it really been 12 weeks! It seems like it’s been longer and yet it’s flown by. I have really appreciated working with Nate, he really knows his stuff.  Those pants I told him I could barely “squeeze” into, well he was right, I am wearing them now!!! Actually, I have been wearing them for about 2 weeks now, how cool is that?

It’s funny, my boyfriend and several family members said that I knew enough to do this on my own and didn’t “need” Nate’s help.  Flattering I guess, but I did need him, even it was to remind me that I knew more than I realized. I learned so much from Nate and I think even experts need a coach to nudge them along their path now and then.

One very important tip I’ve learned from him is going to bed on time and having a night-time routine. Sleep has been hard for me ever since I was a kid. Nate also helped me reawaken the spiritual part of my life, which I am thankful for.

Nate told me that for the most part my diet was my stronger area, but I still learned from him and he helped me think outside the box. I have found that I love playing in the kitchen now, too.

I really want to say “thank you,” Nate. I have so much respect for you and your journey and for sharing your story from those heavy meat eating days to a plant based diet and then on to raw food too – it makes you more “real.”

Bridget Green

BiancaWhen I came across Nate and his online personal training and coaching, I was entering into a dark period of my life. I had moved cross country, had no money, was severely depressed, yet felt I still had a leg up as I was a 90% RAW vegan. However, I still had no concept about what proper nutrition or exercise was. I thought I had all the answers. I was a fitness instructor, teaching cardio classes 1-2x/day and eating very limited amounts, afraid of getting fat and out of shape as I had done modeling on a weekly basis and was afraid of losing some jobs because I couldn’t fit into their recommended sizes. Little did I know, I suffered by what gym goers call “skinny fat.” Depression from a stressful move and being away from everybody and everything I had ever known began taking its toll on my body and health. I started to put on weight, losing hair, crying uncontrollably, couldn’t get out of bed, and I began to crave junky processed vegan foods. In no time, all the cardio in the world could not keep me in my skinny jeans.

Praying for much needed guidance, I came across Nathane’s website, nathanejacksonfitness.com. I was blown away by the vegan and RAW vegan athletes and role models with their incredibly muscular and toned bodies. With all my working out and disciplined eating, I had tried countless times to get a body like that. Can’t a girl get a six pack? I even added meat and eggs back in, making myself sick, hoping my body would transform. All I got was a bloated gut, weight gain, and lack of energy. I had a goal, and I wanted it bad. I wanted to look like all these amazing fitness competitors, and bad!

I completed my 12 weeks and felt amazing. I had made not only incredible gains physically, but with Nate’s guidance and open ear to my daily struggles, I made monumental improvements mentally and spiritually. As our time together drew nearer to the end I felt a sense of panic. How was I going to continue to do this on my own? Nate assured me I could e-mail him and contact him whenever and for whatever. And trust me, I have. I have learned so much through him and he has inspired me in more ways than I can count. I have learned what proper eating is, how to be more in touch with my body, and how to love my body and train it properly. After our amazing three month journey together I was hooked. Nathane had shown me what true coaching and training was. I immediately went through training and coursework to become a fitness professional, left my dreadful job, and am now inspiring others to get and stay fit as a personal trainer. I’ve used many of Nate’s methods, and though taboo in a gym full of professional fitness competitors and other trainers, I am confident enough to have my clients adopt a more plant based way of living. I get flack every day for not eating animal products, but I’ve learned to turn a deaf ear. I now know my body. I know what it needs to make itself thrive and function properly without chicken, rice cakes, and asparagus. Aesthetics are wonderful and beautiful to look at, but that is not the primary goal anymore. When you treat your body with the utmost respect, and feed it the proper fuel, God’s food, the rest comes on it’s own. Feeling strong and beautiful on the inside is something Nate pulled out of me with ease. He is a fantastic teacher, and I thank God for guiding me to him in a time when I was in dire need of some motivation and help. Thank you Nate for continuing to be a guiding light in not only my life, but in my clients as I continue to grow and build off of all the wonderful things you have taught me and helped me achieve. With you, the sky truly is the limit. PLANT STRONG BABY!

Bianca White, Personal Trainer & Model

chrisI could not have made first place without Nate’s expert advice, from nutrition to posing. I was able to go into the competition feeling calm, prepared and confident. And this being my first competition, that’s a huge deal! If you are considering entering your first competiton, Nate is the perfect coach to take you to the Winner’s Circle.

Chris Cecile, Personal Trainer

jaylie“I had a goal to be stage ready in six weeks, after being out of the gym for two. I knew I needed more help than I could give myself and began looking for a trainer. As a trainer myself, I knew that finding a qualified & knowledgeable Personal Trainer, a real role model, and a support system all in one person is a very rare find, but I found it.

Nathane understood exactly what I was going through, all of the obstacles and the frustrations, and he was always in my corner every step of the way. When I wanted to quit, he was there to support me and when I had almost no confidence left in myself, he had it for me.

There were mornings when I’d be woken up by my alarm, look over at the clock and see the time of “7:00 am”. I didn’t want to do my cardio that morning, like any of those mornings, so I grabbed my laptop and checked my Facebook. Right in front of me on the News Feed, I’d see Nathane’s status update, posted at 5:30 am that read something like “Just got back from intense HIIT intervals! Have a great day everyone!” That confirmed my contemplation about whether or not I was going to do my own cardio that morning.

Nathane practices what he preaches. When you’re working hard, he’s working just as hard himself. When you don’t think you can lift one more pound, or walk one more step, or keep that smile on your face, he has once been in your shoes. He knows exactly where you are coming from because the one thing that we all have in common is that we are all on the journey together and no one can do it alone.

At the beginning of this, I could not even do a push up. I could not even run or jump. I was on stage six weeks later, placing 2nd in my category and best of all, my coach and trainer, Nathane Jackson, could not have been more proud. Who you surround yourself with and who you have to cheer you on makes a world of difference when trying to achieve a goal that feels like it is impossible. He represents compassion, dedication, education, honesty, a friend, a colleague, and your handbook to achieving your goals. I’m sure that there are many more words but I know Nathane would like me to stop, in all his modesty.”

Jaylie Nicoll, Personal Trainer & Model

Rod ColeNate not only helped me lose some weight and get back some fitness – he also helped me to actually become more athletic to enjoy more sport activities outside the gym.  Last year I entered my first 5 km running event, went on a day long heli-skiing trip and most recently joined the Argonaut rowing club to row competitively once again.  At 47 years old I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to Nate’s inspiration.

Rod Cole

“I learned the importance of building a foundation through mastering the basics.  I started working out as a beginner and now have the skills to consistently stay fit and healthy.

Every single session was fantastic.  My life became more energetic and healthy in general.  Not only the physical training, but also all the knowledge, education and information Nate gave me helps me to stay fit and healthy.  The customized and organized program with necessary intensity was so efficient that it is hard to duplicate on my own.”

James Kim, Restaurant Owner

Nate CurnelNathane Jackson and I have been training for over a year, reshaping and completing each others physique by implementing safe and strategic diet and exercise prescription. Nathane is simply one of the industry’s best.

Thank you!

Curnel Jones

James BradleyAs a 35 year old, I don’t consider myself “old”.  I was in athletics in high school and kept very fit into my 20’s and early 30s.  As I progressed up the career ladder, I found out I didn’t have the time to dedicate to workout as frequently as I have but I did manage to hit the gym 4-5 times a week.  My diet consisted of what many others did which was something quick and hopefully not to bad for me.  Then I got engaged and I wanted to get back to where I was 3-4 years ago.  So, I started to train with Nathane for my wedding.  I had 6 months to get into shape and I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting in the gym on my own.  During our first couple of training sessions, I could not believe I was having trouble executing exercises that I thought would be simple.  My cardio level was ok but when we introduced high intensity interval training, I struggled through some of the sessions.  During it all, Nathane coached and supported me through the moves and helped me to build up the strength in parts of my body that I had neglected in my regular gym routine.  Nathane helped me strengthen my core, which I discovered made executing other exercises easier.  In addition, I sprained my foot and Nathane found ways to keep me exercising while taking care of my energy.  The programs Nathane had me do were exciting and they pushed me, but I always found a way to get to the goal.  As I progressed, Nathane kept finding new ways to challenge me and I was always excited to see what was next.  Our gym sessions were always rewarding and I would keep that momentum throughout the day.  Nathane also has done a great job coaching me on nutrition.  Not only did I feel I didn’t have to eliminate everything from my diet, Nathane provided advice on how to incorporate good nutrition and found ways to make the food taste fantastic.  Overall I have found out how to challenge myself and keep setting new personal goals and achieving them.

As I write this, I am 4 pounds from my target goal and have lost 15 pounds (with 4 weeks to go!) and several inches around my body.  My core is tighter and I have better overall tone.  My flexibility has increased and my body is recovering quicker from the exercise routines.  I absolutely love doing the HIIT and enjoy maxing out the treadmill when I run.  I’ve really become more aware of the food I eat and have done a much better job of preparing meals to take to work.  Nathane is a fantastic coach and trainer.  Every time I have a question, he gets back to me to give me advice.  I spend 12-14 hours between work and commuting and if I can find this balance, anyone can.  Whatever your goal may be, Nathane can help get you to achieve it.

James Bradley

With Nathane’s guidance over the years, but especially in the past six months, I have achieved great things. When I mentioned to Nathane the one thing I didn’t want to do as I aged was to “shuffle” he took it to heart and changed my programs accordingly. My workouts have transitioned from an emphasis on losing weight and building muscle, to a more functional style, focusing on flexibility, balance and movement.

Who would have thought that I would be doing movements like the Turkish get-up, Dumbbell Windmills and most recently, one legged push ups? I couldn’t even do a single push up six months ago! Most importantly though Nathane has instilled in me that fitness is a lifestyle, not something to do for a little while and then give it up. I now work out regularly 4-6 times a week. I accomplish day to day tasks with ease. I no longer think about running up a couple flights of stairs, or bending over to pick something up – I just do it.

Nathane just doesn’t focus on the physical though – he brings a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, general, and mental health. I attribute Nathane’s positive support and dedication to my successfully beating cancer last year. He completely changed my eating habits to the point now where I eat simple, organic foods as much as possible. Studies have shown that continuing to exercise, maintaining healthy eating habits, and having a good support network are contributing factors in curing not just cancer, but good health in general.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Nathane. He has become more than a personal trainer or a trusted advisor, he has become a friend.

Thanks, Nathane – for helping me enjoy life to the fullest!

Malcolm Dyke