Never be without a proper warmup, post round routine, or stuck with what to eat on the course.

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He’s a veteran health and wellness authority with two decades of experience
as a personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach and nutritionist.

In addition to helping clients shed body fat, build strength and improve performance he shares his knowledge as a writer and featured expert for numerous television and radio shows, and print publications.

He’s a former University basketball player, physique competitor, and fitness model who can now be found gripping and ripping his way through his local
golf course.  

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Rick Janes testimonial
Rick J., PGA Member

Nathane understands the golf swing and structures our workouts to address those areas that are holding me back from producing a more efficient and effective swing. After 6 months of regular workouts, I feel stronger and more confident over the ball, I have a greater range of motion with which to work.

Megan M., Grand Valley State Golf Team

Whether it was to encourage me to keep grinding or to say I was doing good, Nate’s feedback and support was great for me.  I am much more confident when it comes to training and I now believe will be able to keep up with the others – I’m hitting the golf ball further now!!!

Norm M., PGA Professional

To my surprise, Nate’s approach and expertise extended way beyond golf fitness. He not only helped me increase mobility, strength and power, demonstrated by a 10mph improvement in club head speed but, with his nutrition coaching, I’ve lost 20lbs and my latest blood panel shows I’m close to no longer needing diabetes medication.

Playing golf injury free and hitting bombs requires your body to have adequate levels of:  

  • joint mobility & stability
  • total body strength, and
  • the ability to generate power and speed.  

I have two main objectives with every program I create.

First, is to help you move better, which will reduce your risk of injury and allow you to get into better golf positions.

Second, I help you build strength and power which translates to faster
clubhead speeds, ball speeds and ultimately greater distances.

There is no single ‘right’ way to swing a club, as can be seen with the various swing styles on the PGA and LPGA tours. Each golfer has a unique swing determined by how each joint functions throughout their body.  

Therefore, the most important club you could ever own, is YOUR BODY.

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