Hey there,

My name is Nathane Lazareth Jackson. You read that correctly, I have an “e” at the end of Nathan and my middle name is, Lazareth. Bless you, mom!  

I’m a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer and nutritionist. My coaching career began back in 2000 after graduating from the University of Windsor.

Nate playing basketball University of Windsor

Since then I’ve helped countless people avoid the common mistakes that leave you frustrated, burnt out and with very little to show for your effort. My approach offers you a more effective long term plan than the usual,  

  • Exhausting hours in the gym
  • Excessive cardio sessions
  • A diet full of boiled chicken breast, steamed broccoli and dry brown rice, and
  • Expensive supplements

You see, at some point or another in my career, I also fell victim to the pitfalls mentioned above. They can work, depending on the other factors present in your life.

For instance, I used to compete in the men’s physique category of bodybuilding shows. I placed very well in most shows and squeaked out a fitness modeling career for a while. My life was rather simple with few responsibilities. If you add kids to the mix, an office that isn’t a gym, a mortgage and I can keep going on and on, you can see how priorities may change based on the stage of your life.      

This is not to say you can’t do anything if your busy, but all the more reason I make sure your time in the gym is efficient and effective. I teach you how to eat a diet that is specific to you, which may include navigating through restaurants, hotels, airports, family gatherings and other social events. I could care less about the latest hot diet of the month, or nutrition guru selling you overpriced coffee and supplements.

My interests have also led me to the game of golf. I still work with “everyday people” but I also devote my time to helping golfers with their most important club – THE BODY!

I am not a golf pro so I will never pretend to be one. That said, I know how your body, and all its joints, are supposed to move and let me tell you, there is no amount of beating balls on the range, club off the internet, or number of swing lessons that can change how your body functions. The only way to be able to get into good swing positions and make those changes is to actually work on your body.     

Your joints are either immobile or unstable, or both, from years of inactivity, improper training habits, muscle imbalances, old injuries that weren’t properly addressed and inflammation. These all limit your ability to play pain free and improve.  

C. Furhmann

I’m hitting it farther and don’t even feel like I’m swinging great yet. The course is wet and I’m hitting it to spots I was in last year when it was dry.


Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) from the National Strength
& Conditioning Association.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) from the Canadian School of
Natural Nutrition

Additional certifications:

  • Certified TPI Fitness 2 & Power 2, Titleist Performance Institute
  • Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), Functional Anatomy Seminars
  • Kinstretch, Functional Anatomy Seminars
  • Olympic Weightlifting, Agatsu/Varbanov School of Weightlifting
  • Certified Natural Trainer (CNT), Monkey Bar Gym
  • Kettlebell Level 2, KBell Academy
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1, Precision Nutrition
  • Certified Online Trainer, Online Trainer Academy