In-Person Training


For those who want to keep the programming in the hands of the professional. Every exercise, set & rep scheme, rest duration, tempo, progression & regression, recovery technique, periodization and more is taken care of; you just have to commit to doing your best in and out of the gym.


All the coaching and accountability of private training but at a fraction of the cost.

With semi-private sessions you’ll share the hour with one, two or three other trainees but unlike group classes, you will follow your own custom program.


The Hybrid Program combines elements of an in-person service with an online service. Awesome for those who travel often, and/or know their way around a gym, and/or those on a budget.

Short term and long term options available.

Nathane has limited availability for in-person training.

To be considered for any in-person training program please fill out the application below. Nathane will be in touch to schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation.

Sessions held at

NOTL Community Centre
14 Anderson Ln,

White Oaks Resort & Spa
253 Taylor Rd,

St. Catharines Golf & Country Club
70 Westchester Ave,
St. Catharines

Moote Golf Performance
Glengate Alliance
6009 Valley Way
Niagara Falls