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These protein bars are PHENOMENAL, moist  but yet crunchy and best of all, easy to make.  The nice thing about these bars is that if I feel like making them 100% plant based I can, and if I want to keep them raw, I can do that too. Many store bought protein bars are full… Read More


Hey gang, ’tis the season in which we find bushels of pomegranates in our grocery stores, their tangy seeds infiltrate our favourite salad toppings and thanks to Oprah, we even use their juice to make Martinis. By now, most of us know that pomegranates are generally considered an extremely healthy fruit for just about everyone.… Read More


Gingerbread Bar, OH SNAP! Today’s recipe was inspired by the sudden jaw drop I experinced this morning after looking in my gym bag and noticing all the protein bar wrappers at the bottom.  I knew this past year of attending classes, countless study hours, time spent on projects and of course client case studies had… Read More