The question should not be, why are you on a plant based diet but rather why are you not on a plant based diet?                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – James “Lightning” Wilks

.James Wilkes and IIf there was one podcast to listen to (or watch) this year, this Rich Roll interview with James ‘Lightning’ Wilks is undoubtedly THE one.  Rich and James discuss the benefits of a plant based diet and how it fuels them both in their respective athletic activities.  James shares an incredible amount of nutritional knowledge while describing how a plant based diet is more sustainable for our environment and for the treatment of animals.  They also discuss male stigmas, the Paleo diet and James shares how to become a Ninja Tweeter.

I have had the pleasure of meeting both these authorities while they passed through the city of Toronto last year.  James while I volunteered at the Raw Elements/Sunwarrior booth during the 10,000 tastes, 10 billion reasons event in which he was one of the featured guests and Rich for a moment after his talk at the 28th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival.



Rich, thank you for turning out quality podcasts episode after episode and to James for taking the time to share your knowledge with the rest of us.  Okay enough chatter, enjoy the episode below.


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Nathane Jackson is a veteran health and wellness authority, specializing in holistic living.  He has a decade worth of knowledge as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach and is dedicated to improving all aspects of health starting at the cellular level by combining holistic nutrition, functional exercise, and restorative practices to help his clients strengthen their mind, body and spirit.

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