(Original post fall 2010)


I am super excited to announce that I was asked to be the first face of the brand new Toronto based magazine called Sweat Equity.  This fresh new magazine is a Yoga, Lifestyle and Fitness publication that gives great insight to all the amazing instructors, yogi’s and guru’s the city of Toronto has to offer.  I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and want to thank everyone involved for putting together a very solid premiere issue.  I look forward to the next issue, however let’s not completely take me off the shelves just yet.  If you haven’t picked up this magazine yet you can find it at GNC’s, Health Food Stores, Yoga studios and wellness clinics around the city of Toronto.


Sweat Equity Issue #1
Sweat Equity Issue #1


*Side note-  A gentleman came in to my office here at the facility yesterday and when he saw my fitness magazine covers on the wall he said “wow, look at you, you must know what you are doing.”  As much as I enjoy a compliment I replied by saying just because I am on a cover of a fitness magazine, appear in photo spreads, endorse a piece of fitness equipment, have a supplement contract or host a TV show, it does not mean I know what I am doing as there are plenty of fitness models out there who are in the media that should not be helping people with their fitness, health and wellness goals.  I hate to say it but the fitness industry is an absolute joke these days. From useless supplements, false advertising equipment and materials, fitness models being mistaken for fitness professionals, studies being backed by the dairy industry (not to mention cute little dancing cows in the commercials) to a pair of augmented boobs and a G-string (Guys, I am talking about you here too), these characteristics are what people have an abundance to choose from in this industry.  I think I just threw up in my mouth a little!


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