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Hey gang, ’tis the season in which we find bushels of pomegranates in our grocery stores, their tangy seeds infiltrate our favourite salad toppings and thanks to Oprah, we even use their juice to make Martinis. By now, most of us know that pomegranates are generally considered an extremely healthy fruit for just about everyone.… Read More

Sept 1st, 2010. Wednesday, 60 Rep workout, Weeks 1&3

GORILLA LIKE… Sunday August 8th 2010, Starting Stats 208lbs 7.4% Body Fat Week 1 209.8lbs,  6.9% Body Fat.  Week 2 210lbs 6.9% Body Fat. Week 3 213lbs  7.5% Body Fat Overview Alright, after yesterdays workout I am surprisingly feeling great today.  I am a bit sore all over but nothing too bad.  Yoga practice this… Read More