Sept 1st, 2010. Wednesday, 60 Rep workout, Weeks 1&3


Sunday August 8th 2010, Starting Stats
7.4% Body Fat

Week 1 209.8lbs6.9% Body FatWeek 2 210lbs 6.9% Body Fat.
Week 3
213lbs  7.5% Body Fat

Alright, after yesterdays workout I am surprisingly feeling great today.  I am a bit sore all over but nothing too bad.  Yoga practice this morning really helped to loosen my body up and get the blood into areas that needed some healing.  I have a busy day preparing for tomorrows “kickball” tournament for one of the companies at my corporate wellness centre.  It is going to be a great day for everyone involved and a huge opportunity for me and my team to meet 70 new people whose lives we will be helping to change in the coming months.

I also spoke with an editor of a new magazine that will be coming out in the fall and they expressed interest for me to be the cover model for their inaugural issue.  I don’t want to give too many details yet as I don’t want to jinx myself but I feel this is a great opportunity for both parties as we have the same interests in mind.  Many of you know that I am very selective with the modeling jobs I get offered as if it doesn’t fit my brand I won’t do it.  Basically, you won’t be seeing me featured in Muscular Development magazine or promoting a non whole food supplement any time soon.

Side Note:  I can’t believe it but tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my mothers passing.  I knew it was only a few days away but it finally just sunk in.  Hard to believe.

*Please consult with a physician or any other health care professional before randomly trying any of these exercises/routines on your own. I will do my best to give proper progressions and training tips when necessary.  Ideally, everyone should be screened for efficient movement before starting an exercise program by a qualified professional.

The following is my phase 2 training routine, WEEKS 1&3

30-45 min Yoga & Meditation upon waking upIFM-plyo-workout-bench-high-jump-2

Pre Workout
Foam Roll
Static Stretch
Dynamic Stretch
Movement Prep

Wednesday, 60 rep Strength workout
Complete 60 reps of each exercise in as few sets as possible.

A1. TRX Atomic Pushups
A2. TRX Inverted Row
B1. Box Jumps
B2. TRX Leg Curls
TRX Triceps Extension 3×6-12 reps

Post Workout
Static Stretch
15 min Meditation/Restoration,  I could have meditated for hours as I really didn’t want to move.

Hot & Cold shower, 1 min hot + 30 seconds cold x 4 =Restoration baby!  I am putting more faith in this practice than ever before as I will need to flush the toxins out of my muscles as fast as possible to get into recovery mode and fuel/rest up for tomorrow’s workout.


The above workout was inspired by Jon Hinds, owner of Monkey Bar Gym (  Jon is a strength and conditioning coach for many professional athletes, a S&C consultant for many NBA/NFL/MLB teams, a head instructor for the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medecine) as well as a plant based athlete.

Jon has a section on the MBG website dedicated to workouts of the day complete with video.  The workouts are also divided so beginners who need to work on their “Stability” can create a solid foundation.  The intermediate trainee can follow the “Strength” workout and the more experienced (free from dysfunction) athlete can go after the “Power” workout.  I won’t always be following Jon’s prescribed exercises exactly as I have my own dysfunctions I need to take care of but I will model the structure of the workouts after his.  Please take a moment and visit as you will definitely not be disappointed with all the FREE training and nutrition information along with the many other extras his website offers.


Breakfast/Pre workout–  Fruit Smoothie consisting of 1 scoop of Vega Sport Performance Protein, banana, mango & dates with a few added goodies like hemp seed, maca, bee pollen, aloe juice, coconut milk and coconut oil and cocao nibs.Breakfast kettlebell smoothie

Lunch/Post Workout– Green Smoothie  consisting of spinach with 1 scoop Vega Protein, sprouts, banana, medjool dates, goji berries, bee pollen and coconut water.

To learn more about Vega Sport Performance Protein visit,

Snack– Green Juice (Kale, cucumber, celery, beet, ginger, lemon, apples), handful of soaked nuts

Dinner–  Green Juice (Kale, cucumber, carrots, lemon, apple, peach)

Pre Bed– None

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