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DO YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO? After 7 months of waking up every day with one goal in mind it all comes down to Sunday’s Super Bowl game.  The Super Bowl is the biggest stage and even the unlikeliest of players have an opportunity to be the hero.  That may seem obvious but many of us, within… Read More

WEEK 3, 5×5 workout & Car Deck workout (video)

GORILLA LIKE… Sunday August 8th 2010, Starting Stats 208lbs 7.4% Body Fat Week 1-209.8lbs, 6.9% Body Fat Week 2-210.0lbs, 6.9% Body Fat Week 3-213.0lbs,  7.5% Body Fat Week 4-N/A Week 5-205.0lbs, 6.2%Body Fat (Juice Feasting) Overview The last two days have gone really well.  I am now on day 4 of  my Juice Feast and… Read More