Dr. F. Korody, Dentist

Working with Nate has resulted in increased strength and flexibility and I’m playing the best golf in years.

J. Arrowood, Firefighter

I have lost over 35 pounds and 9 percent body fat. I’ve maintained muscle throughout the program and could not be happier with my progress. Keep up the good work Nathane! You have helped me tremendously.

S. Sellers

Nathane Jackson Fitness Testimonials

The experience was excellent. I felt Nate was really engaged with my nutrition journey, and I loved the way he changed things up over the time we worked together. He really cares about his clients and that is incredibly important. Nate’s a total pro!!!

J. Pendleton

image of Jason Pendleton testimonial

I’ve reduced my low back and hip discomfort and have increased my clubhead speed from 101-104 mph to 114 mph (170 mph BS). I’m hitting the {bleep} out of the ball off the tee, long and on a rope. It’s the best I’ve driven it and was hitting it past some of the college players.

P. Lamb

P Lamb website testimonial image

I’ve not missed a round due to back pain. 4 rounds, in 4 days and still hitting bombs and feeling great! Thanks for getting me to do all the hard work! I love it. My five iron goes to where my hybrid used to. My driver cruises at 119 mph and is getting scary long,… Read More

K. Lopinski

Nathane Jackson Fitness Testimonials

I am reaching my 50th birthday and had been unable to lose weight in recent years.  I was hesitant I could make the changes needed to see any progress.  Nathane helped me realize small consistent daily changes and habits would result in lasting progress. I have lost seven inches from my waistline and 17.5lbs over… Read More

A. Steinschifter, PGA

Adam Steinschifter testimonial

With Nate’s program I improved mobility, became stronger, increased club head speed (117 to 127 mph, 175 BS) and now have greater conditioning for golf and hockey. I loved the check-ins and the adaptability Nate offered. He understands life and the situations that arise while also adapting the program to fit the equipment I had.

K. Ko

Nathane is a professional coach with training in many areas of health and fitness. He helped to improve my balance, flexibility, and strength. He tailored my program to my capabilities, adjusted exercises when needed, and changed the routine periodically that maintained my interest and enthusiasm.

J. Detlor

I have way less lower back pain than when I started. I’m also more mobile in my hips and spine which allows for greater separation in my golf swing.

C. Miller, Trackman Golf

Cory Miller testimonial Nathane Jackson Fitness

This program was amazing – the best results I have ever seen in an 8-week period. Increased mobility in my upper body. Better stability in my legs. Eliminated regular lower back stiffness. Improved posture. Extremely improved awareness of form and body alignment while exercising. Definitely hitting the ball longer, but the biggest change I have… Read More