K. Ko

Nathane is a professional coach with training in many areas of health and fitness. He helped to improve my balance, flexibility, and strength. He tailored my program to my capabilities, adjusted exercises when needed, and changed the routine periodically that maintained my interest and enthusiasm.

J. Detlor

I have way less lower back pain than when I started. I’m also more mobile in my hips and spine which allows for greater separation in my golf swing.

C. Miller, Trackman Golf

Cory Miller testimonial Nathane Jackson Fitness

This program was amazing – the best results I have ever seen in an 8-week period. Increased mobility in my upper body. Better stability in my legs. Eliminated regular lower back stiffness. Improved posture. Extremely improved awareness of form and body alignment while exercising. Definitely hitting the ball longer, but the biggest change I have… Read More

R. House

Robert House Testimonial

It’s been a real blessing. I’m walking 18-holes and enjoying golf so much more than last year. I have mobility and strength I haven’t had in several years and the desire to play more golf because of it.

A. Firer

I lost 21 lbs and 8% body fat. I now have a healthier relationship with food and an accurate knowledge of how calories, along with hormones and stress, affect my goals. Hands down the easiest “diet” I’ve ever been on and I’m never hangry!

C. Furhmann

I’m hitting it farther and don’t even feel like I’m swinging great yet. The course is wet and I’m hitting it to spots I was in last year when it was dry.

M. Miron, Grand Valley State Golf Team

Whether it was to encourage me to keep grinding or to say I was doing good, Nate’s feedback and support was great for me.  I am much more confident when it comes to training and I now believe will be able to keep up with the others – I’m hitting the golf ball further now!!!

D. Stark, Host of The Athletes Podcast

What Nathane's clients say

Nate provided me with enough structure to follow, with leeway to allow for me to maintain my mental health during a pandemic while losing 25 pounds. I maintained nearly all of my muscle mass, gained confidence and my golf game returned to my high school abilities.

R. Janes, PGA

Rick Janes testimonial

Nathane understands the golf swing and structures our workouts to address those areas that are holding me back from producing a more efficient and effective swing. After 6 months of regular workouts, I feel stronger and more confident over the ball, I have a greater range of motion with which to work.

J. Sheere

The 8-week group program was extremely beneficial and focused on individual needs as well as the group.  We learned the correct (safe) way to perform key strength exercises, which we progressed each week. The session wrapped up with an overview of nutrition which was over and above what Nathane was obligated to share.