What is the “BIG DEAL” about Kettlebell Training?

The Truth is in the BELL!

Kettlebells generally increase muscular strength and endurance more effectively than build size (Hypertrophy).  Although it is a great way to increase mass and strength for someone who is new to training.  Women love kettlebells because they can get stronger without worrying about becoming bulky.  Although, building bulky muscles is extremely hard to do generally, women feel more confident that the higher rep kettlebell training will be more effective in keeping them lean and fit.

Kettlebells are deffinately one of the most effective pieces of equipment for fat loss.  The kettlebell just in nature of its design alone, forces the trainee to activate more muscles in the body than a dumbbell or barbell of equal weight.  Incorporating high repetition kettlebell training is an aerobic workout and just as affective if not more so than aerobics classes, spinning and hours on the treadmill.  Kettlebells fit nicely in a closet and to complete a workout a trainee will only need a small area of space.  This means one would not need a gym membership.  I have worked out and trained for entire fitness competitions in my apartment and are just as effective in a backyard, a garage, or down by the beach.

Kettlebell exercises such as the Turkish Getup (above) and Windmill (below) are the tip of the iceberg with regards to building a strong core.  Combined with planks, side planks and anti-rotation exercises we can finally say goodbye to back aching crunches.

In addition to getting stronger and improving the appearance of your physique, kettlebells increase flexibility, stability and mobility in the joints of the body. Thus allowing for more effective and efficient movement and increasing daily function.  Due to the nature of the exercises created for kettlebells, they teach your body to function as a single unit better than most dumbbell and barbell exercises.


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