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November 17th, 2010- Big change going on here at the wellness centre.  Check out the video for the current progress.  We are still on tap for a Nov 30th/Dec 1st opening despite walking in to the facility today and hearing about a rather large set back.  Helen and I are working hard to get all our systems in place while the crew working on the renovations are “Kicking A$$ and taking names.”  As seen in the video some of our equipment has been delivered and the rest is on its way tomorrow and Friday.  We are really hoping for the locker rooms to be completed by next week.  In the end though, there was a TON of work to be done and since we are a wellness centre I must stress that there is NO STRESS!

I am looking forward to filming the next video for you!

A view from the front desk/entrance

November 5th, 2010– Here are two photos from my walk through on Friday.  I didn’t take a photo of it but the flooring was being laid and the primer was almost all done.  Once the flooring is installed in the strength training/free weight & cardio area I can get the equipment delivered and all set up.  The turf will get laid next and it’s equipment will be next to arrive.  The upstairs is also coming along.  The woman’s bathroom had a lot of work to be done and it is close to completion.   The guys just needed a solid clean with some new flooring and lockers.  The wellness clinic didn’t need much other than a clean, coat of paint, and flooring so it too is almost complete.  Hang in there everyone….this process takes time and we want to have it done right.  SO EXCITED!

The first photo is the view from the front desk/entrance.  The lounge with soon to be juice and smoothie bar followed by the stretching area and down by the far pillar on the right will be the cardio equipment.  Three racquet and three squash courts are on either side of this view followed by the turf playground (photo below) the size of four courts on the left.  The strength training and free weight area will be on the right and it is the size of three courts.

Turf Playground

In this photo, I am standing in the first http://www.mindanews.com/buy-inderal/ court looking down the four courts.  This area will be mostly turfed and be our playground.  In each cove the flooring will be rubber and have it’s own activity such as the portable climbing wall, the olympic platform, the kettlebells, the boxing area, tornado ball and monkey bars.  That blue is just the primer as the actual colour will be a richer/darker blue which should look amazing with the green turf.  OOOOHRAH!

Not pictured is the yoga room as it is still getting a face lift with temp control, dimmers and a new floor.  What do you think????

*New tentative date is December 1st.  We can’t rush perfection but it will be worth it.

October 28, 2010- Just a quick update for everyone.  We are still on track for a November opening despite some set backs that arose.  Helen and I are at the location now on a daily basis gearing up for our opening. We will also be setting up a booth in the lobby of the 401/405 West Mall on Monday and/or Tuesday to create more awareness and answer any further questions you may have.  Please stop by and say hello!

It is now October 3, 2010 and the opening of the Corporate Wellness Centre is right around the corner.  Please subscribe to this RSS feed or check back often for facility updates and the chance to ask me questions regarding the facility and everything it will have to offer.

To kick this page off I have created a video just for you to show you where we are currently in the renovation process, as well as give you a chance to visualize the final result.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts, so please use the form provided below to ask me questions and/or post your comments.

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Nathane L. Jackson cscs & kbts

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  1. Hello Nathane. I was a member of the old club who played racquetball mon.-fri. at 6:30 am as well as sunday mornings and one or 2 evenings a week. I am very much looking forward to returning and would appreciate it if you could add me to your mailing list and keep me apprised of developments.


    George Rice.

    1. Hi Lyndsey,

      We are shooting hard for November 15th but it may take a bit longer to get everything up and running. Helen and I will be setting up an info booth on Monday November 1st to answer questions and create more awareness. Stay tuned!


  2. I am super excited for the Wellness Centre. I really want to get into shape, and I am so grateful that you are promoting fitness to our offices.

    1. Thank you Kimberly,

      Helen and I are at the location now daily working hard to get everything ready for when the wellness centre is ready. We will be setting up an info booth Monday November 1st so we can answer any questions.

      I look forward to working with you!


  3. I hope that everything is going to plan. I hope that the Wellness Centre will open for Dec 1, but if not, if it opens in Jan, we can use it as our New Year’s resolution to get fit for 2011.

    I check this site often for updates. I look forward to metabolic conditioning as well as, kickboxing and karate!

    1. Kimberly,

      Thank you for checking in. I wish I could say everything went according to plan but if that were the case we would be wiping away sweat from a Metabolic Conditioning class right now. In the end though, things will be great when they are complete. I will post a photo shortly of the flooring from Thursday. We are scheduled to have the equipment delivered for Tuesday but there is still some work to be done in the change rooms.

      All the best,


  4. i would love to come back & play R/Ball there, my husband & I started a junior programme there about 4 or 5 years ago & as of today he is in L.A. @ the worlds coaching one of our kids she is 13 years old & I think this is just wonderful for all of us (mostly the kids) however due to the times of the new opening most of us don’t start playing until 6:00 & we don’t stop until 8:30 or so.
    sorry if I didn’t read on but is there still a kitchen there & a bar as this was a huge social club……are you going to throw that away……..I hope note

    1. Hello Mary Lou,

      At the moment we are only open until 7pm but this could change in the future and weekends can also be added. I was hired to create a Corporate Wellness facility first and foremost so there will be no restaurant or alcoholic beverages. We will have a juice and smoothie bar but I don’t think that is what you were looking for.

      Thanks for asking Mary Lou!

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