Wake Up Those Sleeping Giants (Maximum Fitness Magazine, Fall 2010)


Maximum Fitness magazine article Fall 2010. “Glute Activation”

I just wanted to share with you an article I wrote and modeled for that is currently on shelves.  Check out the Fall issue of Maximum Fitness Magazine and my article titled “Wake Up Those Sleeping Giants.”   The article is about implementing glute activation drills in to ones warm up to get the most benefit from training or an athletic event.  This article is a tough sell to most fit

ness magazines on the market these days.  Most magazines are so bodybuilding influenced that having an article educate about glute activation and not mention “striation” and where in the piece is unheard of.  I send a huge “THANK YOU” to the editors at Maximum Fitness for taking this chance and publishing my article as well as using me as the model.  I am very grateful!

I have a confession to make as well.  The last few days have been so busy and with having to take my car in for some repairs I have not been able to workout, do yoga or even eat like I would like to.  So many meetings, fires to extinguish, decisions to be made on the fly etc, I have not made time for ME.  Not to “Wellness” of me, I know.   Now that I have shared this info with everyone I hope this provides a little kick in the glutes that i needed.  At the very least every time I walk by a chin up bar I should bang out a set of 10 or so.  I should strap on the power wheel and go for a crawl from time to time and perform kettlebell cleans and snatches.  However, if I were to do this I ABSOLUTELY need to do a little Eischens Yoga in the A.M. to keep me loose for the days events.

Aliright, short and sweet this evening.

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