Good Bye Boring A$$ ISOLATION exercises, Hello Training for FUN!

Hey folks,

What a great day today was, so much going on.  I have been thinking more and more about my goals I want to accomplish I am super excited to get after them.  For the better part of ten years I trained for the stage and for pure aesthetics, more or less to stimulate my ego.  Don’t get me wrong , at times I had some fun training this way but the last two years I have been shying away from feeling “the pump” and training more for function.

With my strength and conditioning background the last few years of training have been great but the overall goal has been similar to my bodybuilding days; sets, reps, rest intervals etc.

Now though, I am training to accomplish goals that would really mean something to me.  Some of these things slipped through my hands when I was younger and some are new aspirations.  However, both categories are just down right FUN!

Here is a review of what I have come up with.  I call them The 7 Wonders of Nate’s World.

  1. 20 yard Hand Stand Walk
  2. Single Leg Squat (strict form with right leg)
  3. 5 Muscle Ups
  4. Two Foot Dunk
  5. 5 One Arm, One Leg Pushups per side
  6. 100 yard Power Wheel Crawl
  7. Attain Black Belt in Karate (currently a candidate

    A little frost never stopped anyone!

This morning’s workout was a plyometric workout at the field.  I had to get my workout done before I went to work on the wellness centre so this meant jumping in the dark and in the cold.  It really didn’t matter though as I was excited to get started on this dunking goal and I received a huge boost from a group of friends that replied to my facebook status from the night before.  The response was amazing, so positive, uplifting and reassuring that the path I am on is making a difference.  My status read ” Nathane L Jackson knows he is looked at like some sort of quack now in some of his peers/colleagues eyes. The fitness industry is not about fitness…it really isn’t and it is unfortunate.” Thank you again to all that took the time to read and reply to my status I love you all and you all definitely RAWk.

This morning I did an extensive warm up that I learned in Philly from Jon Hinds to prep my body for jumping.  Once I completed the warm up I had a great sweat and my legs were firing.  I performed two sets of 10 reps for each exercise with an approach from both my left and right legs.  I then did the same with a two step approach.  This morning I didn’t have access to the Portable Power Jumper that I ordered from LifelineUSA  (It came today at noon, I look forward to next time).

Karate this evening was okay.  I have been getting dizzy on my spinning kicks as of late.  A part of it is that I have not been consistent with attending class but it seems to be really effecting me.  I need a little more practice to catch up to where I was years ago before I moved to Vancouver.  I really would like to test for my black belt by Christmas, fingers crossed.

My eating to today was so so, not my best day.  I always stick to vegan foods and even raw vegan foods but sometimes, such as today, I just go ahead and eat way too much.  This evening was an avocado, carob pudding.  It was very tasty and even though I shouldn’t feel too guilty I know  I will have a tough time staying a sleep.

However, I am currently falling asleep typing.  It is taking everything I have to finish this blog post.  Until next time, please get outside and put your ego behind you when you are working out.

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Nathane L. Jackson cscs & kbts


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