Yoga aids the digestive system

First and foremost, any type of practice that helps send the body’s autonomic nervous system into a parasympathetic state, is great as this response is responsible for “resting, digesting and making babies.”  Yoga is just one of these practices as is deep breathing, Qi Gong, meditation etc.  I often encourage my clients that they adopt the habit of taking five or so deep breaths, deep into the belly, exhaling very slowly on each breath before every meal.  Even if you decide that the yoga poses below are not for you, incorporate the deep breathing before meals, before bed, at the office and so forth and you will lessen the stranglehold stress can have on you.  Stress throws the body into a “fight or flight” response and unfortunately the body can’t tell the difference between stress that stems from running away from an axe murderer, a work deadline or television show and ultimately shuts down the less important task of digestion to direct all the body’s resources to the stressor.

It is best to start from the seated position and work your way to standing.  It is also ideal, to practice these poses on an empty stomach for best results.

Wind Relieving Pose
1. Wind Relieving
Forward Bend Pose
2. Forward Bend







Seated Twist Pose
3. Seated Twist
Camel Pose
4. Camel
Triangle Pose
5. Triangle







The bends, twists, stretches of yoga all tone our internal organs, help the body with it’s detoxification processes and act as a peristaltic mechanism to help relieve gas, bloating and constipation.  Combine the following poses with deep diaphragmatic breathing and the body will softening muscles helping us to relax deep into our poses, increasing circulation further aiding digestion, including elimination.



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