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RAW VEGAN ZUCCHINI HUMMUS This recipe is courtesy of Joanne Gero of VibeAlive (www.vibealive.ca). This recipe has quickly become one of my go to staple foods.  It is super easy to make and very easily digestible which makes it a superb choice in my books.  The zucchini hummus is so versatile too as it can… Read More

Whiterockreit Wellness Centre opens

CONGRATULATIONS WHITEROCKREIT,  YOU HAVE A BRAND NEW WELLNESS CENTRE! It is refreshing to see companies actually value their employees and not just talk the talk but actually walk it too.  Whiterockreit invested quite a large sum of money not just into the health and wellness of their own employees but they invested into the lives… Read More

Karate Nate Returns, Handstands and WICKED!

Hey everyone, Real quick this evening as it is 10:30pm and it is an hour or so past my school night bed time.  What’s the reason for the late night posting you ask?  Tara and I had a date night and caught a performance of Wicked.  We both really enjoyed it and found it interesting… Read More

Soul Training for Movement!

Hey everyone, The photo is of one of my new workout locations until my wellness centre is operational (The flooring is being installed this week, YAY!).   There are a lot of great options available for some fun SOUL TRAINING at this playground and Sunday was a day full of Dips, Swings, Handstand Assissted Pushups,… Read More